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Guide To Getting Men’s Jewellery Right

A guide on what to buy.

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Men are not far behind when it comes to wearing trendy pieces of jewelry on occasions. Since olden days men wore big and small pieces of jewelry that were found in and around them. Not much attention has been paid to the men’s jewelry collection however, over the years the fashion industry has produced some of the finest pieces of accessory for men. Every man should be careful when picking up pieces of jewelry for himself. Styling the jewelry in the right manner is also a trick. Once you pick up a jewelry, it is important for you to style it in a manner that enhances your look and completes your attire. 

Types of men’s jewelry 

Necklaces: One of the most preferred form of jewelry includes traditional as well as stylish necklaces. Whatever style you are looking for, you will be able to find it. Necklaces have been worn by men for many years and they are available in different metals and in different designs. They are easy to wear and carry off and are considered an ideal gifting option as well. With regard to the number of necklaces, always keep in mind that less is more. The maximum number of necklaces you can wear is two. However, one should do the trick for you. The ideal length of the necklace should be about six to eight inches above the navel. You can choose a traditional gold chain for men if you are only going to wear it on special occasions. Apart from that, you can also choose modern and stylish cuban link chains for daily wear. If you are about wearing the latest style and design, the cuban link chain is the best choice for you. You will be able to find numerous options on 

Earrings: An easily accepted form of piercing for men. Having gained wider appeal and recognition for many years, earrings are considered to be very normal when worn by men. The biggest benefit of an ear piercing is that it can be removed if not required. Earrings are no longer frowned upon and are available in multiple styles and designs.  

Rings: A ring is a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn by men and women. Whether it is a wedding band or a fashionable ring, it is easy to carry. Rings require minimal maintenance and will not look over the top unless worn in pairs. The maximum number of rings you should wear is two which includes the wedding band. Avoid more than two rings at a point of time. Women can choose to wear more than two rings depending on their preferences.  

Ethnic jewelry: When it comes to wearing ethnic jewelry, it is important to keep the surroundings in mind. If you are wearing statement pieces, you will stand out from the crowd. But it is important to choose pieces that have cultural relevance or are historically important for a particular place. Do not invest into any ethnic jewelry you come across as it might not be the best bet for you. What works in one country might not work in another. If you have ethnic jewelry, you need to ensure that you have styled it in the perfect manner suitable to the occasion and the outfit.  

Religious jewelry: This includes rosary beads, Japa mala, necklaces and prayer beads. You can wear them according to your faith and religion. Be respectful about the same and these items even if you are not wearing it. These pieces are worn by men according to their preference and their faith. They usually tend to be worn throughout their life.  

Bracelets: The decorative and stylish bracelets have been worn by men for thousands of years. The latest bracelets are cause related and light in weight. They are available in different metals and with different gemstones. Bracelets are an ideal gifting option for men and can be worn on a daily basis. They will look good on a formal as well as a casual attire.  

It is best to avoid any jewelry apart from the one listed here. Men tend to be really picky about the jewelry they wear since it reflects their personal style and status. Hence, it is important to see what you like and how would you like to dress it up. Buying a piece of jewelry is easy but wearing it with the right attire is the trick. If you go wrong there, you have literally wasted your money on the purchase.  

If you have never worn jewelry in the past, you need to start with the basics. Keep it simple and stylish by wearing a cufflink or a tie accent. This will add a little ornamentation to your outfit and change the way you look. It will also give you the confidence to carry off the jewelry in style. Always keep in mind that the jewelry is only a piece of accessory which is worn on a outfit. Hence, the outfit is of prime importance. You need to match the clothes you are wearing with the jewelry you intend to wear. Women tend to do this all the time but for men, it becomes a little tricky due to the limited options. If you are wearing a piece of jewelry for a special occasion, you might choose to wear a large piece or a heavy piece. But the same piece of jewelry will not be ideal on a formal occasion. Depending on the event, you need to choose the jewelry. If there is only one piece of jewelry you plan to invest in, choose a necklace or a chain for the same. The cuban link chain is an ideal option which looks trendy and stylish at all times. It can be easily worn with a formal suit and with a casual t shirt. You will not have to put in additional efforts to style the chain as it is a statement piece which looks good when worn on any occasion. A lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing the stylish gold cuban chain. They are worn by men and women and can be easily worn on any occasion. Consider the length and breadth of the chain before you make a decision to buy. The links on the chain should be given a careful thought. You do not want a chain looking very heavy on your neck. The chain should perfectly fit on the neck and not pull it down. Whatever you plan to wear it with, a cuban link chain will make you look chic and classy in no time. 

The chain is an ideal gifting option and is a piece of jewelry which can be passed on to the generations. It does not need much maintenance and can be easily purchased. It is advisable to pay special attention to the length and breadth of the chain before you make a decision to buy. Try it on and see how it looks on you before you make the purchase. The chain should be carefully stored in a secure place to keep it safe from wear and tear and theft. The gold cuban chains are slightly pricey due to the value of gold that goes into it. Depending on the type and value of gold you choose, the price of the chain will vary accordingly. Make the right pick by considering different options available for you in the market.  

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