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Dior Has Just Released The Most Luxurious BMX


Credit: Dior Homme

Dior Homme has come out with a BMX bike in collaboration with specialists Bogarde. The bike is chrome with black and red to accent the brand. There are leather parts of the bike, embossed with “Dior” that were designed in-house in Italy. Dior described it as “utilizing the dimensions of the all-terrain two-wheeler”.

The bike matches the same classic style of Dior Homme’s recently launched Spring 2018 line. This included the new knitted trainers released a few months ago. Keith Estiler stated that the new line was “brimming with youthful energy”. That much has to be said about the BMX that your typical teenager could not afford. However, Paris-based Bogarde describes itself as “contemporary BMX for adults”, which the price-tag reflects.

The bike was exclusively available at Sole DXB streetwear festival in Dubai, at the start of the month. However, the bikes are for sale at Dior Homme stores worldwide. Be quick as only 70 were produced and they are retailing for an amazing $3,200. Also, starting at $1,050 you can get an identical Bogarde BMX bike, without the Dior branding.

So, why is Dior expanding their brand?

This year The House of Dior is celebrating its 70th Anniversary. This is only one of many items, other than clothing, that Dior has teased at over the last few months. Ranging from sunglasses to shoes, the powerhouse of fashion is pulling out all the stops to honour their 70-year-old heritage.

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