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6 Things To Check Before Buying A Men’s T-Shirt

Don’t jump into a purchase.

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T-shirts make a man’s best friend when he wants to look stylish yet experience comfort. No wonder, this garment which was once reserved only for casual occasions is now worn to work and parties as well. You just have to choose the right piece for the right occasion and style it perfectly. When it comes to picking some tees for your wardrobe, you need to have a few checkpoints ticked. These are the factors that determine the quality and style quotient of the garment. Here is a list of a few things that you should check before buying a t-shirt. 

1. Start with the size  

If you really want to look good in a tee, wearing the right size matters the most. T-shirt fabrics tend to cling and highlight your physique. Unless you pick the right size, it can make all your flaws visible. Therefore, you need to be very sure of the size when you buy them.  

Sizes may differ brand-wise and you may find the difference when you try two different brands. It is better to try and evaluate the sizes and pick them brand-wise. Online shoppers should ensure that the website has a favorable exchange policy. 

2. Consider color and pattern 

With t-shirts, you have the freedom to experiment with colors and patterns as these are meant for semi-formal dressing. Basics like black, white and grey are must-have because they can be worn casually as well as to work. On the other hand, you can pick some shades like navy, green, red and yellow if you want to play with color.  

Patterned t-shirts are also trending and you can play with patterns such as checks, stripes and even animal prints. But keep the more striking ones for casual wear only because they may be extra eye-catching. 

3. Assess the material  

Another key consideration is the material of the t-shirt. It should be durable and compatible with the weather. Cotton and natural fibers are the best for summer because they are absorbent and give a comfortable fit too. For winters, you can buy tees in warm fabrics like Merino. These materials retain their shape even after regular wear and wash.  

Before you but a t-shirt, check its collars and neckline too. Good material has the right kind of elasticity that keeps it in shape even after you wash it several times. Check the hem and seams as well.  

4. Shortlist your favorite brand(s) 

It is good to try a few brands but you should shortlist a brand or few of them that you prefer in context of size, fit and durability. Also, ensure that the brand is versatile in terms of styles it offers. For example, some brands only stick to sporty styles but you would want them to offer semi-formal styles also.  

Adam White from men’s apparel brand Jasper Holland says that he launched the brand because for some reason only skate and surf brand t-shirts have cornered the men’s t-shirt category. Brands like this one offer extensive choices and you can pick tees for different occasions at one destination.  Marcus Sherman has a lot more to say. Go and check the website to dig deeper on what are the top brands for men.

5. Run the wrinkling test  

Since tees are meant fort all-day wear, you would definitely want one that looks as good in the evening as it does in the morning. As a smart shopper, you can run a wrinkling test on the t-shirt before buying it. Crumple a part of the tee in your hand, hold it for a few minutes and then release. 

If the garment ends up wrinkled, you should skip the idea of buying it because the fabric is probably of poor quality. On the other hand, if it comes out totally crease-free, don’t pick it either because it could be a synthetic material. Ideally, look for something that is in between. 

6. Invest in different styles  

Now that you know all about checking the sizing and quality of t-shirts, you should start thinking of style. Versatility is the key and you should look to stock up different styles in your wardrobe. Pick a few collared pieces and some in crew necks and round necks. Collared tees are best for work wear while the other two options are ideal for casual wear. 

Invest in full-sleeves and half-sleeves t-shirts as well so that you have something for every season. Solid styles are evergreen but have a few patterned pieces as well. You can even get a few personalized tees with slogans of your choice printed on them.  

It seems that you have enough information now for picking some best t-shirt styles for your collection. So whether you are an avid online shopper or love to shop in-store, you are ready to go!  

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