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$2,000 Inflatable Trousers Prove to Be Unwearable in Heat or Daylight

I think I’ll stick to my Fabletics.

Image from APOC store

We have all browsed through those popular fashion magazines at least once in our lives and thought to ourselves: 

“What could be going on inside their heads?”

Well, these inflatable pants are “in” according to big-name fashion like GQ and Vogue. Coming from the brainchild of one new upcoming designer, Harikrishnan, his new menswear brand Harri, has promoted this new type of pants that let in a nice breeze.

Image from APOC store

The debut of these designs back in March was held at the London College of Fashion graduate collection show. There they gained traction among the elite fashion world. As the internet exploded, so did his fame. Every magazine from Vogue to Dezeeen wanted a slice of the Harikrishnan hysteria.

Image from APOC store

Finally now, a few months later, the Harri Inflatable Trouser is available for pre-order via APOC store. They come in colors “Striped Swirl” ($1,160) and “Black Limo”($1,961), but to be honest it looks more like “court jester green” and “Mr.Incredible’s noir spandex”.

Image from Giphy

The trousers are self-inflatable, with a valve at the hem where air can be pumped in. The list of warnings that come with them is as long as my arm. The guidelines in regards to the delicate latex include:

  • Keeping them away from heat
  • Keeping them away from daylight
  • Avoiding any sort of metals
  • Avoiding all contact with oils
  • Wearing them only using talcum powder
  • Not over-inflating them

When I read the warning about the Talcum powder, I had a small flashback to Ross’ misfortune with the leather pants in a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode.

Image from Giphy

Although I would not make this daring choice for myself, I applaud Harikrishnan and his brand Harri for being something bold in a world where everyone fights to be the same.

If you would like to see how the world of fashion is life changing click here.

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