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10 Fashion Habits That Are Noticed Only In Russian Girls

Unique to Russia.

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The fact that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world remains indisputable. We noticed that they have two small weaknesses: first of all, they often copy the habits of their mothers, who looked appropriate only in times of scarcity, and secondly, they still do not believe in the idea of natural beauty and sometimes dress on the principle “the best of two worlds”.

As an evident confirmation of this observation, we collected ten characteristic things or fashionable customs, according to which Russian girls can always be distinguished and which for some reason are not typical to representatives of other nationalities.Such Russian ladies you can find on the dating site and get a lot of pleasure from communicating with them.

Fashion habit # 1: love to footsies

These “secret agents” serve as a good cause to protect us from calluses.The same black shoes from Poland were inherited and worn for several months. With that abundance of comfortable shoes that we have today, the footsies is a truly thing of nostalgia, which has no real practical meaning.

Fashion habit # 2: Tight-fitting  top + no less tight-fitting bottom

Russian ladies can be easily recognized abroad by the “two-piece suit”. So, they obviously want to hint that they do not care about all this oversize and androgynous casual, they have only 16 days off and every day they want to look sexy.

Fashion habit # 3: Heels on a walk

When you meet girls in the park who walk with difficulty on the dirt track on 14-centimeter “louboutins” being arm in arm with a young man, you want to imagine that their companion actually promised to call a taxi to take his girlfriend to a restaurant.In the last moment a guy says that he didn’t get a salary and he has money only on the metro or on  ice cream.

Fashion habit # 4: Jingling wide bracelets

We are far from minimalists in jewelry and we start to wear diamonds not since 40 years, but since they are given to us, and not in the evening, but at any time, when there is an occasion! Wide bracelets made of wood or plastic is a mythical kind of accessories that is not related to jewelry, but Russian  girls are devoted to it for some reason.Such bracelets look like handcuffs on the hands of a particularly dangerous prisoner.

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