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Tips To Use An Airless Paint Sprayer For The First Time

Here’s how.

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Do you want to paint a slab of a wall quickly; yet get a consistent, high-quality result? 

Perhaps, you just bought your newest airless paint sprayer and looking for tips or resources where you can read airless paint sprayers reviews online? 

The thing is, using an airless sprayer is way more convenient and faster than using the regular roller painters.  

And perhaps, if you are thinking, “but I’m not a tools person, how do I figure out how to use this sprayer?” or that the airless sprayer looks intimidating. 

Here’s some good news for you – the airless sprayers are quite straightforward and pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. 

Sure, it might seem a tad complicated at first, but think of all the time you would save using this nifty handy tool for your projects. 

So, to help you get started with your airless sprayer, we’ve rounded up some tips to make the painting job more manageable. 

Prepping your airless sprayer 

While the specifics for your airless sprayer might differ as a result of using a different brand or model; each airless sprayer requires these three necessary steps: 

  • Setting up the spray gun 
  • Priming the sprayer 
  • Installing the tip and guard 

Set up the hose and spray gun: 

Your airless sprayer draws paint through the hose. Attach the suction tube to the back of the spray gun.  

Choose the right guard: 

Depending on the nature of painting project you’re handling, you may want to choose either a thin noose or a larger tip.  

Keep in mind, though, that a larger tip will require more pressure and is often used to cover more areas while a smaller tip is high-pressured and usually used for a more precision job.  

Thin out your paint: 

Paint in their raw state is clumpy and can’t flow smoothly through the hose. You need to thin it out either with water or chemical thinner to make it flow more quickly through the nozzle. 

Mix the thinner and paint thoroughly until you get a consistent texture. Test to see if it is spraying evenly, if not add more thinner until your preferred thickness is achieved. 

 Strain the paint 

Though some people might skip this step, however, it is necessary to strain the paint as you can catch and remove clumps of paint that might remain after thinning. 

Prime the pump 

Every airless sprayer, regardless of make, needs to be primed before they can be used. To prime your pump, you may want to first turn the knob to “Prime setting.” Then, remove the tip and guard from the gun. 

Place the inflow hose into your gallon of strained paint and the outflow hose into an empty bucket. Check that the pressure control on the pump is set to the lowest. Switch on the pump. 

Slowly increase the pressure until you can hear the motor. Keep at it until paint smoothly runs out from the outflow pipe. 

Switch off the pump. You’ve just primed the pump, and it’s ready now for the paint job. 

Finally, give the sprayer a quick spin to check the spray pattern before you using. 

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