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Hotel Owner Finds Out That His $300K Art Collection Is Really Worth $25K

Talk about a misconception!

Credit: YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

Goodness Gracious, Gordon Ramsay! What a mishap!

On his hit series Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay deals with yet another hotel catastrophe: A pretentious innkeeper who believes that his art collection’s monetary value can alleviate his hotel’s monthly loss of $15-20K.

Robert, the owner, assures Gordon that the expensive antiques and paintings will get them through their debt for at least two years, “at a suitable auction [his collection is worth] maybe 300 thousand dollars.”

Gordon Ramsay is skeptical of Robert’s claims, and rightfully so. Because of the severity of the hotel’s dilemma, he enlists the help of an auctioneer, Amy, in order to verify the man’s predictions; however, they are soon faced with a bigger problem:

The hotel owner’s collection is not worth much at all.

Specifically, as Amy details, Robert’s antiques are more of “an accumulation [and] a lot of copies of things or, if they are of the period that they’re supposed to be, there’s some condition issues. I would say about $25,000.”

On account of his arrogance, the man initially cannot come to terms with Amy’s highly qualified assessment. Gordon, on the other hand, is horrified at the reality of the situation. He believes that finding out about the collection’s true value is a wake-up call for both of them.

Sitting down and conversing with Robert, after the auctioneer has left, Gordon is clearly pissed off about the innkeeper’s misguided decisions:

“We paid more money for f—ing storage than their worth. Does that not bring it home a little bit earlier that you need to be an innkeeper not a part-time antiques dealer? Because you fooled me. I thought wow this guy’s got serious cash to burn, but right now we’re even further in the s—t than I thought we were so the pressure intensifies.”

Yikes. That’s terrible. And yet, it is hard to feel sorry for this guy when the financial security of his staff is at stake. Hopefully, with the help of Gordon’s advice, the innkeeper will be able to turn things around.


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