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Art Reproduction Services – The Art World’s Newest Trend

Amazing creations.

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The art world is always wowing us with its original ideas and concepts. It thrives on tradition, style and inventiveness, adding layers to the culture around it and telling a story. However, beauty, in art and without, is very much in the eye of the beholder. Do you love the old masters of the renaissance or the dons of impressionism? What if you could have one of these masterpieces to enjoy at home without organising a heist at the Louvre?  

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What is art reproduction? 

In simple terms, art reproduction is the recreation of a work of art that the original artist is not involved in. This includes digital copies such as those posters you see on the walls of university students. The world of art reproduction does not, in the hearts of many, inspire the same joy as the original painting and, when you think of college posters, this is understandable.  

If the artist is involved in the process this then becomes known as a print. This process comes with its own set of rules. Generally, the artist must be in involved with creating the original plate and will have a hand on signing off on each print that is produced, these will be signed and numbered. There is generally another person involved such as a printer who works in collaboration with the artist to create the print.  

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More than just a poster?   

The art world is rife with stories of famous forgeries that are created only to deceive, who can forget the heady high and the eventual downfall of the Knoedler & Company Art Gallery in New York, where the well-established gallery misknowlingly sold over 40 forgeries.  

Throughout art history, there is a grand tradition of art students who would complete works of art for their masters, whether just small sections or whole paintings under the watchful eye of the more famous artist. These pieces are still considered originals, albeit they come with a smaller price tag.  

Digital reproductions, if done with skill and on the right type of paper, can have a nuance and beauty all their own. But what you want to take it one step further? To be able to feel the brush strokes on the canvas? To appreciate the way the light plays on the surface of the painted canvas in the setting sun? If you want something more like the real thing, there is a way of getting a well-constructed reproduction into your home without having to pay extortionate amounts or framing a poster.   

The newest trend is for companies to offer art reproduction services where you can get a reproduction, in oils on canvas for example, of your favourite painting with all the emotional beauty of the original, something that may be missed from a digital reproduction.  

Real or Fake?  

It is fair to say that a reproduction is not an original work of art. That doesn’t mean that it is a forgery, nor does it mean that it will be bad quality. What it means is that art is a skill that can be practised and acquired. Much like the old schools of the Masters, the art reproducers of today create an artwork to the specifications of the original piece by request. 

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This means that for the art lover who isn’t a Rockefeller, there are artists out there who are able to paint with the skill of the old masters and who can recreate your favourite painting for your home, at the same scale with similar hues to the original. Whilst you are not going to get a burnt umber pigment made from ground up mummies, you will get a painting that is made to be perfect, vibrant and will be beautiful on your bedroom wall.

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Masterpieces are now affordable for everyone 

This is the beauty of this new trend in art. The art lover gets to own their favourite piece of art and the working artist gets to do what they love – make art. There is something to be said about allowing artists to create their own works but in the real world, we must all pay the bills. Being able to make art your ‘other job’ can help that artist perfect their skills and inspire them onto even bigger and better things.  


Reproduction or print? That’s your choice. If you have a painting that you feel you cannot live without and you have a wall that is crying out for something beautiful, a good quality reproduction could be the answer you’re looking for. It’s worth investigating whether your favourite painting can be recreated as a high-quality digital print or whether having a beautifully crafted oil on canvas is the answer to your prayers.  

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