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Working As A Freelance Solicitor Can Be Liberating

Take the leap.

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Many of those who have trained for years to attain the status of solicitor have a real passion for their work and have devoted many years to study and to gain experience. Unfortunately, some law firms can erode the zest you once had for your profession by imposing increasingly heavy workloads, rigid hierarchies and inflexible working conditions.  

However, there is a way forward so that you can take back control of your life and continue in the job that you once loved. Increasing numbers of solicitors are realising the benefits of working in a freelance capacity but with a complete infrastructure behind them to offer support, facilities and networking opportunities. 


With overwhelming demands and the need for sacrifices of time spent with family or friends, it can be difficult to see how to step off the treadmill. However, a new and innovative work model has been created by companies such as Passion for Law amongst a few others. This model enables you to choose how to model your working life on a freelance basis supported by a dynamic support infrastructure that is based on equity and a non-hierarchical structure.  

Solicitors can choose where and how they work and this can include working from home or use of the company facilities as well as a choice of flexible working hours to suit other commitments, such as family or leisure time. 


The pioneers of this truly liberating work model incorporate the latest technology and this enables a reduction in overheads. The business operates without the need for a billable hours target structure and there is no need to be present and work long hours in a, sometimes oppressive, work environment. The agile working method means that solicitors have the freedom to choose how to structure their career to their own personal requirements and concentrate on what they do best without the detrimental effects of a crushing workload in a regimented setting. 


By choosing to work as a freelance solicitor it is possible to take advantage of an array of benefits that remove the need for traditional legal company working conditions: 

Financial reward: freelance solicitors develop their own tailored working practice, agreeing on the fee structure with clients and earning 70% of the fees. The remainder is used to cover costs of the central support structures that all freelance solicitors can avail themselves of, and in addition there is an incentivised referral scheme. 

Support infrastructure: solicitors can utilise as much or as little of the support infrastructure as suits their needs, and this includes: P.I. insurance; office network with space for solicitors and staff; space for meetings; information about events and conferences and networking opportunities. 

Opportunity to grow your client base: with access to marketing, administrative, paralegal support and compliance standards, solicitors have a real opportunity to build their own client base. Released from the confining strictures of a traditional law firm it is then possible to give 100% effort to delivering great customer service. This allows solicitors to adopt a workload that enables them to give their best knowing that there is access to extra resources as needed. 

Happy clients: as you develop a direct relationship with clients you are able to spend time assessing their needs and catering for their exact requirements. You won’t have the responsibility for non-chargeable hours or billable hours targets. This liberating concept means that you will get full job satisfaction and build up a solid client base of happy customers who feel they have got the best quality legal advice and value for money. 

Access to wider expertise: despite the flexibility of the working model you do not need to become isolated from others in your profession. The new business model comprises of a close-knit community where you can confer with other senior professionals in your field across a wide range of specialisms but without the competition and personal pressures that prevail in the profession.  


Therefore, for those who have begun to consider how they can continue or progress in a traditional legal setting with the inherent pressures, now may be the perfect time to take stock and look at the options for freedom, control and a release from some of the many pressures that make the profession demoralising and difficult. 

The innovative working models described offer a radical and much-needed change in the profession, and have provided the perfect outlet for those who wish to move away from the rigidity and pressures of their current job but who wish to continue in a role they have trained long and hard for. 

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