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Why You Should Allow Your Staff To Work From Home

There are some excellent reasons why.

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“Is letting your staff work from home a good idea?”

That is a question frequently asked by employers. Many believe that their staff will not work as productively if they are not in the office and that they may take advantage of their freedom. However, research shows that letting allowing your team to work from home could be beneficial to your business. If you are not entirely sure if this is a path you want to take, read on.

It can help you save money

You spend a considerable amount of money on renting your office space, supplies, utilities, snacks, and all of the other associated costs. If you don’t have as many staff members in the office, you will make a significant saving on all of these bills. 

You don’t necessarily have an empty office all of the time. Perhaps part-time working from home could be an option so that they have to come into the office for one or two days a week. This gives you the chance to check on their work, and they will be able to ask you any questions or raise any concerns.

It is easy

A big concern of allowing your team to work from home is how you will organize everyone’s workloads. However, technology means that it is more straightforward than ever to delegate tasks with workflow management tools such as Trello. You also do not have to worry about file sharing and software, as mobile device management means that you are all able to access whatever you need wherever you are and that you retain some element of control over their devices.

An increase in productivity

When someone is working in an environment that is comfortable – both physically and mentally, they generally work harder and are much more productive. As well as that, the flexibility that working from home gives an employee means that they are more likely to put the effort in.

Happier staff

Allowing your team to work from home shows them that you trust and value them. Trust is a massive factor in working relationships, and once it has been established, your staff are more likely to work harder at their jobs – all while being happier at the same time! This will increase staff retention and save you money in the long term.

You can hire the very best

Allowing staff to work on a remote basis means you can hire whomever you need, regardless of where they are based. This gives you a much wider choice of people to choose from.

Positive image for your company

As a business, you are going to be continually looking for ways to improve your image for your customers, potential investors, and competitors. Allowing staff to work from home shows that you are modern and flexible, which are two very appealing traits.  

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to allowing your staff to work from home, so what are you waiting for?

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