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Walking Tall: How Your Small Business Can Act Big

Start thinking big.


For every entrepreneur, the aims and the ideas need to be larger than the sum of your parts, but it can be very difficult to be a small fish in a big pond. Likewise, it’s very hard to be an individual business in such an oversaturated market and, as they say, approximately 9 out of 10 small businesses fail. So can you buck the trend when it comes to acting like a big business that actually brings in the punters?

Picking A Niche Business

This is one of the basics when it comes to maintaining a sense of business cleverness. If you focus on one area of the market, this is a useful plan of action to expand on, because it’s not one of those areas that most services cover. A lot of businesses make the mistake of trying to target as many people as possible, but targeting everybody is too general as a demographic choice. So whether you are already trading, or are looking at setting up a business, you need to ask yourself exactly what your product niche would be. And even if you look at the large businesses that are very successful, these all started out from a niche, this is why they were able to improve and expand and be the global brand they are today.

Focus On Your Brand

Your brand, in other words, your business image and personality, is an essential part when communicating how much of a relatable business you are, and this will be what helps you to be successful across the board. How do you do this? Well, you need to focus on your marketing and nailing the product presentation. Your image is the way to communicate your business, and so once this has been fixed, it is much easier to do the rest. Your brand is your identity, and so this will come from the product, but it’s also something that requires a lot of time and effort to achieve. It’s your business voice, so focus on the brand to make it as epic as possible.

Become An Influencer

Those that are an influencer in their field are going to be thought of in higher regard. The way to do this is to develop an influencer program. You need to learn to network and to liaise with other leaders who are outstanding in their own fields, and while this can be done very easily by sites like LinkedIn, it’s important not to go for those leaders that have the biggest amount of followers. Make sure you spend time in developing this influencer program, make sure that you don’t launch it a couple of weeks prior by sending a spam link to the people you want to get the attention of, focus on giving it the time that it deserves.

Develop A Scalable Business Framework

If you do this, you are more able to roll with the punches as time goes on. A lot of businesses don’t develop a framework at the outset that lends itself well to developing as a bigger company, which means that there are teething issues further down the line. One way in which it needs to be affected is in the technology department, you should utilize the importance of outsourcing companies that can upscale their capabilities as per your needs. So a company like eSudo Technologies and, in fact, any cloud service provider is built to sustain a huge amount of information, and you can scale the systems up and down in accordance with your business success. By preparing yourself for higher trading at the outset of your business, you will be able to cope better when that trade comes your way.

You need to think big, it’s the best way to adapt when you finally break through, and this doesn’t mean that you have to think about a mass market right away, this can be a recipe for disaster. Starting small and focused means you can expand your company organically.

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