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Spiralling Data Charges – A Dated Problem?

Time to stop these outrageous charges?

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You’ve all read the horror stories about the kid who went on a trip with their parents and blew £500 in three days using data abroad to play Angry Birds or watch YouTube videos. You’ve probably thought ‘more fool them,’ but it’s a much more common problem than you think. Worse still is what happens when you run out of data and you’re forced to pay a fortune for some additional, or worse yet, get billed for going over.

While phone companies are finally doing something about these ridiculous charges; it’s worth knowing how you can save your data and save yourself a heart attack when you receive your monthly phone bill.

WiFi – always the preferred choice

Want to know the best way to save your data? Don’t use it. There’s so much free WiFi around now that you shouldn’t have to use your data when you’re out and about. When you’re in a store or in a bar taking selfies, connect to their free networks. Public transport has even started incorporating free WiFi into its services, letting you watch access your content for free and with ease. It’s easy to find WiFi hotspots around you, all you need to do is look for them.

Choose a good provider

The battle for free data is on between the different phone networks, so take advantage. All networks are scrambling to offer their best ever data deals, knowing how important it is for people to have a lot of it. Choose the best phone provider for your needs based on factors such as how much data you’re likely to use, whether you need free calls and texts and how much time you’re planning on spending overseas. This can help you narrow down the different options that are out there and make sure that you get the best deal.

Enjoy sim swapping

When you travel abroad, or you run out of data – being able to swap to a sim card to give you the best deal and keep your monthly bills low. To do this, you’re going to need an unlocked phone or iPad – something which is easy to do with this best guide on how to unlock an iPad for a quick and free fix. Carrying a top-up sim or an international sim in your case means you’ll always have a spare sim card on hand should you ever need to swap yours out.

Take advantage of downloads

Love watching your favourite Netflix series during your morning commute? Save your data by downloading in advance. There are plenty of great on-demand services that now offer downloads, so while you’re still at home and connected to WiFi, download some programmes and that way you won’t have to eat up your data within the first few days of your allowance. You can do the same for music on Spotify or Apple Music and ebooks too.

Of course, a really good way to save your data is to read more instead of consuming audio and video. If you’re bored when travelling or simply out and about, take a look at the latest interesting news featuring all of the weird and wonderful things happening in the world today. Once you start, it’ll be hard to put down and is much more data-friendly than your favourite YouTube channel.

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