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Seamless Transition with Professional Office 365 Migration Services

It doesn’t need to be a difficult process.

Microsoft Office 365 offers a way for businesses to cut their overhead cost and free themselves from the physical constraints of the workplace. It also helps them secure their data through Microsoft’s extensive list of security suites. 

Businesses can leverage on this Microsoft platform to scale their business through multiple cloud solutions that address crucial gaps in their operations.  

Fortune 500 businesses are migrating to Microsoft Office 365 more than its closest competitor, the G Suite. In fact, over half of the estimated 80% of businesses today who have moved to the cloud have Office 365 subscription. That translates to 155 million users as of 2018 figures. 

Even if the cloud subscription service is not new, most businesses don’t have a dedicated IT team that is knowledgeable on the full range of services of Microsoft Office 365.  

Training also takes time, which means they stand by while their competitors have already started deploying the Office 365 solutions. Even Fortune 500 companies hire professional 

Office 365 Migration services for an efficient and seamless transition into the cloud. It makes more sense rather than spending money experimenting on a solution that doesn’t yield maximum returns.  

Here are some of the benefits of professional migration services: 

1.Quick and painless migration. 

With their experience, you can expect your operations to be on boarded within the quickest possible time. The crucial element in migration is the extensive assessment of your needs. The consultants will attempt to understand the core nature of your business to recommend the right tools that you can leverage to grow your operations. 

2. Clear timetable. 

Instead of experimenting with different Office 365 solutions with no end in sight, Office 365 migration services will give you a clear timetable according to industry standards. For instance, onboarding the 100 mailboxes at the minimum take 8-10 days.  

3. You can focus on other facets of your business. 

Instead of spending all your time and resources on migration, you can leave the experts to do the job for you while you concentrate on running your business.    

4. You can work within your budget. 

Experimenting on the transition will ultimately blow your budget for Office 365 migration. Instead, you can pick from a menu of choices from professional consultants. Whether your needs are complex or simple, they have the right service package for your budget. That way, you stay within your means and don’t overspend during this crucial transition. 

5. Round-the-clock support. 

Another benefit of hiring professional services is the 24/7 support you get in case you encounter an issue. You’ll have that peace of mind, especially when you know that an expert will be on hand to troubleshoot the problem in no time. That way, your whole operations won’t be held hostage while your IT team tries to figure out what’s wrong. 

With the stiff competition in the digitized environment, migration to Microsoft Office 365 service will give businesses a fighting chance. But the stakes are very high for them to be experimenting on the intricacies of cloud solutions and how they relate to their respective businesses. In that regard, hiring professional migration consultations is actually a more cost-effective option. 

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