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Real Bosses Can Run Their Business From A Beach

Here’s how.

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One of the most badass things about being a business owner these days is that you can run your business from anywhere in the world. You could be sipping on a Pina Colada in Bora Bora, toes digging into the sand while listening to Dire Straits on your wireless headphones and still be able to effectively run your business, which is probably why so many people want to be their own bosses these days.

Of course, if you want this to work in the long run (by which we mean, be effective so that your Bora Bora trip isn’t cut short by the fact your business failed) then you will need the tools to help you.


One of the most fundamental parts of being able to run your business from anywhere is being able to connect with your employees from anywhere, which is where Basecamp shines brighter than the sun itself. Managing projects, communicating with team members, seeing who’s assigned to what and what they have or haven’t done; it is all here. You will never be out of the loop no matter which beach you kick back on.


This is one of those tools that has made its way into the must-have section of life. Nonetheless, we would be robbing you of the truth if we didn’t mention it. Basically, what it offers your wanderlust leadership style is a safe place to store and access your documents in the virtual world. Oh, and everyone who needs access can access it. This bit of tech has solved a lot of problems.

Video Access

Security is a pretty big part of modern-day businesses, a category that surveillance slips into nicely. That is why we recommend you speak to Westview Technologies about their video access, which offers remote monitoring and detailed reports so that you can see how your systems are doing, ensure your premises is watertight and resolve any questionable or unlawful activity.

We live in a world where businesses are relying on social media more and more in order to connect with the target audiences better. That is what does wonderfully. Not only does it allow you to build your following with loads of real disciples – no fakes – it also makes engaging with them as effortless as falling out of bed, which we know for a fact takes zero effort.


This is one of those apps that always crops up on lists about “Apps That Are Better Than Apple’s Own” and rightly so because this thing is a lifesaver for so many. All that fear of losing documents and/or not knowing where all of your documents are becomes nullified with Evernote, which lets you save documents, as well as clip notes from almost anywhere – webpages to emails.


We weren’t all born equal on the earning and developing front. Some of us can only learn through visuals, which is where Freemind will rock your world. How? Simple. It is an amazing mind-mapping tool that allows you to plan your work graphically. Oh, and it’s free. Cool, huh?

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