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Industries Of Automation: Subtracting The Need For Humans

The world is changing fast…


The world is changing, and it feels like that’s happening faster than ever. Online and reactive trends allow us to view anything happening in the world from miles away, immediately, and comment on it in just as much time. Communities formed online now have global reach. It’s defining how businesses market to their consumers and how consumers interact with said businesses. It’s making the entire world redefine what communication is. YouTube shows are now rivaling mainstream media outlets, and more people are streaming and offering a glimpse into their home lives than ever before. It’s a wonderful, exciting and sometimes scary progression which has no precedent.

Much like the social world is organizing, the free market is adapting in response to this. While optimizing in the past may have resulted in job cuts or business acquisitions, now automation is the new thing we can bet on as a society. In the long term this might look great. Idealistically, this should result in a post-scarcity society where maintaining the automation is the only job we have. No one knows how the future will pan out, but in the short term we can be sure to see industries convert to almost total automation.

Here are some industries where the process has already started and can be sure to develop further:


Manufacturing lines have used automation for a long time, arguably since the days of the printing press. More and more complex automotive parts and algorithms are being used to mass produce important goods. For the discerning business owner, this is a wonderful thought. Manufacturing plenty without having to rely on labor costs, safety issues or employment contracts can work wonders for the community in the long term.

Companies like RNA Automation are concerned with ethically providing some of the most well designed automotive parts for all areas of manufacturing, and firms like these are having a great effect on the speed and ease at which our society produces necessary products.


Drivers in various forms and vehicles are among the number one most populated employment category in the United States. For this reason, it’s important to look to the future in the face of automation, and see how this could be affected. With folks such as Elon Musk on the scene with his famous developments of Tesla, we could be seeing self-driving automated cars within a decade. Not only is this exciting from a societal and convenience standpoint, but for people involved in the transportation industry, this could prove worrying.

Customer Service

This one is conceivably a little further off, but advancements in AI and responsive voice pattern detection software could culminate in a widespread rewrite of how we expect customer service to be. While humans will always value speaking directly to another human, for the sake of pure convenience it’s likely companies will implement these strategies once they’re more reliable. Some functions have already been employed by companies, such as simple text and answer IM services to bring in new business as a popup on websites, to automating a great deal of voice-recorded call center categorizing. In many fast food restaurants, terminals are now taking the place of customer assistant roles for their ease and convenience from an employers perspective.

The world is changing, and automation is likely to be the biggest predictor of where our society will be soon. Be sure to stay educated and check for fascinating developments in the news. The world of AI and robotics could be here sooner than you think.

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