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Important Steps To Take To Organize Your Trade Show Exhibit

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You do not have to struggle while preparing for, creating, and managing your trade show exhibit. You can get ready for almost any situation by taking the following measured steps: 

Plan Your Exhibit 

Before you get on with the exciting part of creating your exhibit, you should plan for every detail related to it. Spend some time and create a plan to increase your success. 

To make sure your exhibit has high potential, you will need an approach that allows you to reduce financial risks and enhance your chances of success. To do that, you will need to have a good understanding of your target market and determine the right date and time for your trade show. At the planning stage, focus on these main elements: 

  • Establish Your Goals  
  • Establish a Budget 
  • Identify the Market Potential  
  • Draft a Marketing Plan 

After you are done, get ready to… 

Build a Team For Trade Show Exhibits

There are many tasks that need attention when it comes to creating a trade show, which is why you should create a team to support you with different tasks. You have two options. Either to hire people or to outsource the job, which presents some advantages. For instance, you can decrease costs and lower your financial risk. Even so, having a team of people that you hired yourself can be better because they will be more committed and motivated. You can combine both options by hiring people for tasks you deem valuable and outsource those you consider less so. We also recommend getting at least one person for these roles: 

  • Sales  
  • Event Planner 
  • Project Manager 
  • Marketing Manager 

Everything related to graphic design, web design, and operations can be outsourced. Also, make sure to hire people with cross-functional skills and a project manager with a good understanding of financial planning for your trade show exhibits

Find Partners and Sponsors 

You will need to promote your exhibit to get the word out there and that can be hard. Not so much though if you secure partners or sponsors who have a lot of expertise with your industry and target audience. 

To better involve your partners with your cause, find a way to establish a trade partnership with them. You could ask for assistance with the marketing of your event, their customer database, or to display a stationary in their store. Also, you can ask for advice and assistance. In return, offer high exposure before, during and after your event. You can even include your sponsor or partner on your mailing list or give them a free booth. 

Find the Right Location 

Once you have a plan, a team, and partners & sponsors, you can get ready for your operational tasks, and nothing is more important than the location. First, figure out the number of speakers and exhibitors you will have because that is important for picking the right venue for your needs. 

Evaluate the location by considering if it is close to freeways, hotels, and restaurants or located near your target audience. Then, consider the different services the venue provides and check if you can get free marketing services or boosting attendance and help with event planning. Also, consider the flexibility of the space and whether it has multiple rooms available. 

There are a lot of other factors you need to consider leading up to your trade show exhibit but these first four steps will get you set up and ready to succeed with your goals. You should also consider a caterer, your marketing plan, and on-site marketing. 

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