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How To Successfully Rebrand Your Business

It will be well worth it.

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In the past, rebranding often came with negative connotations. Many people believed back then that businesses that change their brand image are involved in some trouble. Because of this, they need to modify their logo and other elements that characterize their company before they resume their operations and achieve their goals. 

The need to rebrand, however, should never be taken as a bad sign. Whether you are a business owner or consumer, keep in mind that companies that undergo rebranding are typically those that have evolved beyond their former identity. As such, they are now ready to reach loftier goals.   

With a new image, rebranded companies will have better opportunities to strengthen their presence and brand in the eyes of consumers. 

The Rebranding Process 

Since rebranding is one of the most effective business strategies today, it is something that you can consider when you want to achieve more for your company. However, the whole process can be complicated that organizations often fail to attain what they set out to do. 

To successfully rebrand your business, take note of these tips from a top branding agency in Dubai

  1. Identify your reasons for the need to rebrand 

Before you start formulating a rebranding strategy, you have to determine the specific reasons why you are investing in this endeavor. 

Some of these reasons may be clear-cut, such as merging with another company or launching new products or services that are different from your old ones. Others are more subtle such as your brand outgrowing your image. 

As you list down these business reasons, make sure you understand each one of them. Ensure they are crucial to the growth of your company as well. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting valuable time and resources. 

2. Consider what to keep and what to discard from your current brand 

Rebranding does not automatically mean changing your brand completely. There are certain elements of your business that you can and should retain (as long as they are relevant)

By doing so, you will establish a feeling of continuity with your rebrand. Additionally, you will avoid losing the vital elements that already resonate with your target audience. 

At the very least, you should keep your company name. 

To find out which elements you should keep and which ones to discard, gather feedback from your customers and employees about what they like and what they dislike. Once you consolidate the data, you will have a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. You will then know which aspects to retain and remove. 

3. Focus on developing a holistic rebranding strategy 

Once you know which elements to retain, change, and add, make sure you plan them in a way that the whole new brand looks and feels cohesive. This should be something that your target audience should see and notice immediately. 

This means coming up with a consistent and cohesive strategy that spans all elements, including your logo, packaging, and marketing materials and the channels your brand is using such as digital and social platforms.   

Having a holistic rebranding strategy is especially crucial if you are aiming for a partial rebrand. You have to ensure the new elements blend with and make sense when coupled with the existing ones. 

4. Establish your brand identity 

This step pertains to developing the visual elements that will communicate your brand. These components include your company name, logo, tagline, colors, and the design for your promotional materials. 

Your brand style guidelines should list and describe these elements in detail. These set of rules provide parameters to ensure your brand is implemented consistently across all of your marketing materials

Since this document is crucial in building your brand identity, you should, therefore, have this document ready once you are at this stage. 

It is also essential at this point that you start establishing and boosting your online presence. To do this, begin by updating or overhauling your website to highlight all your rebranding efforts. Next, work on optimizing your site to get the word out about your new brand and get more traffic. 

5. Launch your new brand 

The last stage of your rebranding strategy is to create a plan to promote and strengthen your new brand. This involves launching your new brand internally to introduce it to your employees and inspiring them to embrace it

Hosting an event to launch your new brand image to the public is also an excellent way to reintroduce your company in the market. Make sure you publicize the affair before, during, and after so that your target audience acknowledges your fresh presence. 

During the launch and after it, highlight the changes.  

Be honest in explaining why and how you went through the rebranding process with your target audience. By doing so, you will reduce the risk of confusing your customers when they encounter the changes.  

Additionally, you will strengthen their loyalty since you have involved them in your brand story. 

Going through these steps correctly is crucial to rebrand your business successfully. To ensure your efforts and investments yield the results you are looking for, consider working with a trusted provider of branding and identity services

About the Author: 

Grace Yacoub is the owner, founder and CEO at Zaman. She recognized the potential to develop brands in Dubai back in 1996. Amongst her first projects were to convert the local powerhouses of Etisalat and NBD into branded entities and engage the nation in the drive for modernity. She has since led projects across finance, family, industry, property, retail and all sectors to convert many of the region’s most important companies into powerful brands. 

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