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Getting A Piece Of The Crypto-Pie

Which one should you choose?

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It would seem that just about everyone and their grandmother is trying to make money online nowadays. Hard to blame them, with the amount of press coverage digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum get, it’s hard not to wonder whether one should start investing. With the bitcoin at currently near a ridiculous all time high, makes one wonder how rich they would’ve been if they had invested in let’s say 2011. A measly few hundred dollars invested back then would’ve literally turned out into millions you would have gotten near 500x increase on your investment. Now that you’re all riled up, let’s see what you can do to get in on this today.

The 2 coins

Now of course, investing in cryptocurrencies is basically gambling, slightly more calculated and somewhat more predictable maybe, but still essentially gambling. At this point, bitcoin has reached such popularity that it would be hard for it to fall off completely, though that said, properly investing into it is also a rather expensive process. Bitcoins currently stand at just about a staggering $5600. Unless you invest a few grand in yourself, you will not see too much of a change in your investment. Ethereum is a relatively new up and coming currency which shows a lot of promise, but as is the running trend in new currencies, it is rather unstable. Currently standing at roughly $305, it is pretty accessible for the average person to get into. That said it comes with a greater risk of fluctuation, and despite that being the nature of both currencies, when looked at over the span of the last year, both are steadily climbing despite some earlier inconsistencies.

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So, which one?

There are several other currencies out there at the moment, such as Litecoin, Siacoin and even Bitcoin Cash, which is a fork of Bitcoin itself. While these do exist and show some promise, none of them have reached the level of popularity and recognition as the two current staples. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, Bitcoin or Ethereum? That should entirely depend on how deep you want to get into this, if you have enough to invest and are not scared to do so, then bitcoin is probably the way to go.If you do not possess large sums of money which could potentially be lost but still want to dabble in cryptocurrencies then Ethereum is probably the go-to coin at the moment. With that out of the way, why not invest in both? Everyone is at the edge of their seat in anticipation to see which currency turns into the next Bitcoin, in hopes of making it big. And while no one can tell what the future holds, an educated guess is the next best thing. You can listen to someone else’s guess or check the current bitcoin price or ethereum price yourself regularly to gradually shape your own opinion.

Money is waiting to be made out there and if you don’t take this opportunity, someone else who is very willing to do so will come along, leaving you in the dust.

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