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Binding Machine Buying Tips

Industry suggestions.

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Documents are essential for the success of your business, academics, or any other endeavor. Hence you see why they should look clean and professional as well as intact so that they can last for a long time. One way of ensuring this is to bind them with quality covers through the use of a binding machine.  

A binding machine is used to encase individual papers into document sets with covers, after aligning and punching them. It is a time-trusted way of preserving documents. Binding machines have been in use in many offices, schools, publishing houses, and places where documents are used. 

There are many brands available in stores worldwide falling under the following major types: 

  • Thermal binding machines 
  • Coil spiral binding machines  
  • Wire binding machines 
  • Plastic comb binding machines 

In this post, you will learn about the factors to consider before getting a binding machine.  

1. Binding Style Requirement 

Usually, there is a need to follow modern trends in business machines. Such trends include the use of thermal binding devices such as the Unibind brand, trusted by many companies and organizations. Apart from this, one major factor that will determine your choice of binding machine is the type of finish of the documents.  

Documents need different finishing styles ranging from traditional, contemporary, metallic, or book-style finish. So, all you need to do is to get the machine that will meet your specific style needs. Such details are usually contained in the buyer’s guide. 

2.  Your budget 

There are many binding machines in stores worldwide, some of which have listed prices running into thousands of dollars. You need to get the type that will do your job well without putting pressure on your finances.  

There are some brands with high-end features that come with considerably affordable prices. Unibind is a typical example of this. 

3.  Document thickness 

Each brand has its own capacity when it comes to the thickness of documents. Some can comfortably bind documents that are 3 inches thick while others can’t handle anything with a diameter of more than 1 inch.  

4.  Binding Capacity  

Like other business machines, binding machines have different use capacities, ranging from personal to industrial. If you are using it at home or in a small office, go for a regular brand provided it has all the features you need. For large organizations or publishing houses, the industrial, electrical options are the best choice.  

5.  Specific Features 

 Each of the different types of binding machines we listed earlier in this post has their specific features, strengths, and weaknesses. Check out their user reviews and feedback. 

Bottom line, for any brand that you decide to go for, proper use and maintenance are necessary for the device to last long and serve its purpose.

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