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Arshad Madhani – Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Consultant Chats Millennial Marketing Hacks

Are your marketing as best you can?

Arshad Madhani is an expert in digital marketing and works with his clients of different backgrounds, including companies that target millennials as their primary audience. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Arshad helps in designing innovative digital marketing plans of action. His goal is not just to satisfy his clients’ expectations but to go beyond them. (Learn more about Arshad in this post from Entrepreneurship in a Box.) 

We recently had a chance to sit down and talk to Arshad Madhani regarding marketing techniques that would work best with the millennial crowd. 

Do you consider yourself a millennial? 

I honestly don’t see myself as a part of the millennial group, though I consider myself on the borderline. Most people believe millennials are individuals who are younger than me because of how the media portrays them, although they are born in the early 80s to 1997, so technically I may be one. The media usually portrays millennials as those who grew up as social media grew as well. Back in the day, social media did not even exist until I was about to graduate out of college. 

What are three characteristics you think make up a millennial? 

Many think millennials are characterized in a negative sense, such as lazy and narcissistic. I see this group quite differently. For me, this group is made up of open-minded individuals, self-expressive, and receptive, especially with new concepts. 

How do you gear your marketing campaigns towards millennials? 

One technique that genuinely works for millennial advertising is creating content with an exciting personality. The truth is millennials notice brands, and they care about them. However, it is not the logo that keeps them interested but the way these companies reflect their personalities. I have mentioned that millennials are self-expressive and it is one of the traits that they also look for in a brand. 

Also, millennials are hardcore fans and users of mobile gadgets. Therefore, it makes sense to treat marketing for mobile a vital part of the campaign. I always make sure the brand uses a mobile-friendly platform for online marketing, such as a mobile-optimized website and social media content. 

What are three brands that you think do a great job of marketing towards millennials? 

A few brands have nailed millennial marketing strategies, and one is Chipotle. From the fresh ingredients, to the build-your-own burrito and others, Chipotle effectively generated an interactive experience, which millennial customers love.  

Another is Netflix, which successfully uses social media to appeal to young viewers and make sure they are engaged in the content. Finally, there’s Coca-Cola with its “Share a Coke” campaign where customers can personalize their bottles with their names. 

What is one piece of advice you would give a company or brand on millennial marketing? 

Companies should accept that millennials represent the biggest sector of consumers, especially in the US. The group’s demands and preferences should not be ignored. This generation is extremely educated, even considered as one of the most intelligent in history. Therefore, it is easy for them to see through your schemes and pitches. 

What every company or brand should do is to provide a solution to these people’s problems. Millennials always search for products or services that can help them make their lives easier and only successful brands can provide them with an innovative solution. 

How can readers get more marketing tips and advice from you?  

I have a blog where I frequently post content that can help those looking for effective ways to market to millennials and other groups. They can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. 

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