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How Should You Approach Hiring Your First Employee?

Here’s what to do.

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In the business world, it’s safe to say that you’re always going to be faced with a range of different challenges. But the trick is, to learn along the way. Because you’re going to find that some of the things that your business throws at you aren’t going to be the same as what others experience.

So while you can do lots of research, and try to get ahead by preparing yourself for what’s to come, it won’t always work that way. And this is certainly the case when it comes to hiring your first employee. You’re going to be ready for it in your own time, you can’t always guess when that will be. Because it’s going to be based on your business’ success. But, when you are ready, you’re not often aware of how best to go about it. So, let’s take a look at what options you have when it comes to hiring your first employee.

Work Out What You Need

To begin with, before you try to get ahead of yourself, you need to work out what you need. It’ll help you to know what job role needs filling, the kind of person you need, and what you’re hoping they will bring to the business. By working all of this out in your mind first, and breaking it down on paper, you’re then going to be able to choose your next steps carefully.

Consult Experts

If you don’t have a lot of time available for this, then you might want to bring in the big guns. Because recruiting can be tough – and time-consuming too. But with the right executive search services, it kind of goes on in the background. You’re left to get on with your work while the experts bring you the perfect candidates.

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Headhunt On LinkedIn

If you do have a bit more time and you want to give this a go yourself, then you’re going to need to find some tactics that will work for you. One of these could be using LinkedIn to headhunt. It’s not going to work for everyone, but if you do already use Linkedin, you could find that you seek out the best people for the job this way.

Post An Online Advert

While actively looking for candidates, you should definitely think about letting them come to you too. Because posting a job advert online, using the major sites in your industry or close to your local area will allow applications to trickle in. You may find that the right person pops into your inbox, but this can’t happen unless you get the ad out there.

Ask Around

Finally, you may also benefit from putting the word out there that you’re looking to hire. You may find that your contacts and business associates know the perfect person for you. This is often a great way to find the ideal person. Because sometimes, someone you know will know someone who knows someone who is just the kind of person that you’re looking for as your first employee.

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