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2020 Best Coworking Space Management Software

The best in the biz.

Coworking spaces are gaining popularity across the world. With traditional office spaces transforming inspired from the coworking space model, spaces focusing on setting up an intuitive and elegantly defined atmosphere is becoming the industry standard. It is expected that by 2020, there will be over 26300 coworking spaces worldwide.   

While this figure is impressive, what is most impressive is than in 2005 the total number of coworking spaces in the world was just three. In just a decade, coworking spaces have become a prominent industry with the emergence and successful journey of brands like We work and Regus. Along with the popularity of coworking spaces, the number of tech companies building coworking management software to help coworking businesses thrive is also rising.  

Here are some of the best software solutions available for building and managing coworking space management platforms.  


RentCowork by RentCubo is one of the best and most affordable coworking management software that allows you to grow your coworking business and manage all administrative tasks with ease. The software solution leverages the latest technology to create coworking space management solutions that enable modern businesses to enhance their workplace experience. 

Being a white label solution, you can customize your coworking space management platform to any extent with the software and pick the applicable features for your coworking space based on your business requirements and goals.  

The software features an efficient administrative dashboard that helps to easily manage your front desk, sign up new users, assign plans and keep track of all activities. It is also a scalable platform that allows you to expand your coworking space business in multiple locations and manage all spaces on a single screen. You can also integrate other third-party apps to turn your platform into a powerful and fully functional coworking space management tool 

Rentcowork’s API is a build your own platform tools that allow integration with many specific integrations including instant messaging, payment processing, social networking, and project management solutions. If you are looking for a seamless platform for coworking and shared working space management, RentCowork is the only coworking management tool you need to launch your Airbnb for coworking 


Cobot software is a white label solution that helps coworking spaces run their tasks from a single interface. The platform comes with integrated administrative tools like completed booking, number of coworking members, financial solutions, invoice creation, etc. It is an easy and efficient way to manage your coworking space business, register new members, review user’s data, automate billing and assign tariffs.  

This single platform will take care of all your daily administrative tasks effortlessly.  All in the userfriendly and initiative interface. It also features integrations, custom solutions, and add ons like accounting software, CRM, security systems, communication tools, etc. and facilitates integrating any system of your choice with Cobot. Whether you have just launched a small coworking space or running a multilocations hub, Cobot is one of the best tools to help you run and manage your coworking space more efficiently. The solution comes in 3 affordable price packages lite, deluxe and premium offering complete value for your money. The software platform comes in different price ranges depending on the number of members 


Engage is coworking management software for newage workspaces to manage and enhance their coworking space management platform. This cloudbased white label solution allows coworking applications to enhance the user experience, allow members to book meeting rooms, socialize, chat and avail special discounts and offers.  

Creating contracts, seamless and smart booking, billing and invoice, ticketing and support, visitor and experience management, are some of the best features. You can easily manage the complete range of services from oneoff productions to flexible memberships and creating contracts in one single platform with Engage.  


Optix is a coworking software that comes with a simple and intuitive interface that allows your users to easily book spaces and desk and view the availability of meeting rooms in realtime in just a button click. The software solution seamlessly connects your users with the community, resources, and services that your coworking spaces have to offer.   

For the management team, Optix offers a fully functional and featurerich dashboard to access all the data and management tools to drive their business operations. It also facilitates them to build customized tools and capabilities. For users, Optix delivers a mobilefirst coworking solution that connects them with resources, community, and services of the coworking space.  

The software helps to streamline key operations by performing functions like realtime space and meeting room booking, automatic mobile-first and checkout, automated billing and invoices, seamless integrations of multiple office locations, realtime monitoring, data analytics, reporting, and more.  

The coworking platform is built on a modern and robust architecture with their technology being written completely in native code for better performance. Optix offers a simple and flexible price plan depending on the requirements of a business. It comes as a basic plan and that you can top up to add additional users. is one of the best software to streamline to manage your coworking space business and community in a single solution. The software solution enables businesses to build a coworking space platform that can integrate solution features that allow you to prop up additional services. It offers facilities for online booking and other add on services to customize the guest experience and generate extra revenue streams for your coworking space. You can efficiently run your coworking business operations and drive occupancy in your office space.  



This coworking space management software is built to automate administrative tasks and improve your coworking space business. This software solution is characterized by its user-friendliness and simplicity. The management platform majorly focuses on three areas of user management, space management, and invoice automation.  

Habu features focus on users of your coworking space in making their jobs easier and directly benefits your coworking community as a whole. The coworking space offers a customized dashboard through which users can check-in, book meeting rooms, buy day passes, switch coworking space locations, and do a lot more.  

The software regularly adds integrations to make sure your coworking space platform binds seamlessly with other popular software that you regularly use. The software follows a proportionate pricing model where it costs $1 per user and $20 per location.  


Nexudus is a white label coworking space platform that helps you to build and manage your shared workplaces and build a community. It combines a range of coworking space management tools to offer solutions for booking, billing, lead tracking, accounting, user onboarding, event ticketing, community management, and more in a single platform. 

This software solution comes with a wide range of reliable tools created mainly to help you manage coworking spaces with ease. The onboarding module helps to create customizable web forms to collect all the essential info you need to enroll new users.  

This multipurpose coworking space solution features a rich palette of customized features, simple user interface, software integrations, etc. Automatic invoicing and payments, weekly or yearly renewal plans, payment processing integrations, meeting room management, self-service booking, calendar integrations, event creation, CRM software integration, email monitoring, access control systems to define access level, etc. are some of the best features. The pricing plan of Nexudus varies based on the total number of active members 

To wrap it up 

Coworking spaces are creative, diverse, and intuitive compared to the offices of the past, but managing a shared workspace is no easy task. Starting from building a coworking space management platform to run tedious administrations takes a lot of effort and work. This is where the significance of coworking management software comes into play. With the number of complex services they offer, coworking software lets you run your space efficiently. Here we have enlisted some of the best coworking space management software solutions to run our shared workspace smoothly. Hope you liked the suggestions; please share your opinions in the comment section below.  

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