Harmony Korine Releases Bizarre New Stone Comedy

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Harmony Korine is quite the versatile director. And once the man has an idea, he’s going to see his vision come to life one way or another. While perhaps not all of these visions have been great ones, Korine has nonetheless made a name for himself. He has worked with celebrities from David Blaine to James Franco, and Korine’s newest film is another interesting mosh posh of stars.

Entitled The Beach Bum, Korine’s latest film has been labeled a stoner comedy. Set to take leads are Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, and Isla Fisher. Quite the mix, huh?

As for the story, if we know anything from Korine’s movies, it’s that that they don’t have much of a plotline. Spring Breakers, anyone? In this flick, McConaughey plays the lead of a stoner who lives to get drunk and high on a beach with his friends. Yeah, that’s about it. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the trailer and you will see that there’s really not much else to figure out about this film.

While the movie might be a fun and magical watching experience, there does not seem to be any real substance. This might only be a great film for one to watch while high. Other than that, we’re going to jump the gun and give this movie 1 star. Harsh? Perhaps. We’re just partial to movies that actually contain narratives and character development. But maybe Harmony Korine will prove us wrong.

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