WATCH: Office Worker Gets Down At A Rave

Image Via: Sick Chirpse

You’re on your way to the office…when suddenly…you stumble upon a rave in a forest.

Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly how this guy ended up at this rave, but I would like to think that’s how he got there. I mean he keeps checking his watch like he’ll be late for a big meeting where he’ll be presenting something big in front of the CEO. The best part about this video is when the beat just gets too good for him not to dance. And boy does he dance. He lets loose. Take a look for yourself!

I almost got whiplash just watching him move like that. Now, I had no idea raves were a place to wear costumes, but evidently that’s what people do. Although I guess if you count festivals like EDC and Coachella as raves, it’s all about what you wear. But I also wouldn’t expect to see someone dressed the way he was dressed at a rave. I mean who goes to a rave dressed like they’re missing a big day at the office? Then again, it makes you think about those people who do actually work in offices and what their idea of fun is on the weekends.

If you’re a raver, check out this impromptu rave in the streets. 

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