Charity Shop Puts Jeff Goldblum In All the Picture Frames

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British charity shop selling second hand items shows major love for Jeff

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a British charity shop before. Most of them are fairly depressing. They almost feel like rescue centres for brick-a-brack and unwanted crap. If the items don’t find a new home it’s off to the rubbish tip, and there’s always a weird musky smell. But if there’s one thing that can brighten up any space its the face of beloved Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum.

It looks like that’s exactly what a British charity shop has gone and done. Twitter user Simon Reah, from Pontcanna, Cardiff, tweeted these images of Jeff beaming from behind the glass of every second hand photo frame in the shop.

Whatever possessed the shop workers to put Mr Goldblum in to every photo frame is open to interpretation. Whatever the reason, it must be said that from a merchandising perspective it kinda works. Jeff’s charming smile and occasionally smouldering looks would certainly encourage me to buy a photo frame.

Not wanting to be out ‘Jeffed’ by the charity shop one of Simon’s followers Johnny Haeusler, responded with an image taken from an office bathroom tagged with the universal catchphrase for one-upmanship “Hold our beers!”

UK’s Summer of Jeff

It’s been a summer of love in the UK for the Jurassic Park and Independence Day star. Earlier this summer, a huge statue of sexy Jeff was erected at London’s Tower Bridge attracting hundreds of fans.

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When asked by the press what he thought of the strange tribute Jeff said.

“It was lovely, I liked that whole statue. I don’t know what it looked like in the flesh, or in the concrete, I didn’t see it. I saw pictures of it.”

Got any odd tributes to Jeff or any other celebrities? Why not tell us about them in the comments below? Here’s some more weird s**t that’s been going down in celebrity world.

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