Company Makes Bulletproof Backpacks For School Kids

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A sad reality exists in America where the rate of school shootings is rising exponentially each year. Instead of feeling excitement from buying new school supplies and finding out their best friends are in their class, children now fear for their lives every time they step inside their school. And now, parents may even be sending their kids to school with backpacks that transform into bulletproof vests.

Recently, a string of mass shootings in the US has left parents, children, and teachers dreadful of what this school year holds for students. No parents should ever have the thought that their child goes to school and might not come home. Buying a bulletproof vest for a kid to wear to school is also something that should never have to happen.


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An Israeli armor manufacturer, Masada, started making bulletproof backpacks that turn into vests. The vests, while protective, are $500 each. But get this: they are already sold out. One cannot put a price on a child’s life, and it seems as though parents are willing to shell out wild amounts of money to keep their children safe.

The gun debate in America is a heated one, that is for sure. Children should not be packing their bags for school wondering if today is the day that their backpack will need to protect them. At least Masada is actually taking action against these tragedies as opposed to the lawmakers in America who want to leave the problem at a stalemate.

Are having children wear these backpacks overprotective? Perhaps. But if the vests stop a bullet from a maniac school shooter, then they might just be worth the cash.

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