WATCH: Freight Train Slices Huge Lorry In Half

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The incident took place in Virginia, USA.

A video has emerged online showing a huge lorry being sliced in half by a freight train, after it looks to be stuck on the rail crossing.

The footage, which was caught by another driver’s dash cam, shows the lorry’s driver and fellow passenger flee to safety literally seconds before the train plows through the vehicle.

As freight trains only carry cargo, there were no passengers aboard, which is lucky in this case. The poor train driver must have been terrified. though thankfully nobody was hurt.

Watch the full video here:

How the first half of the lorry stayed intact is beyond anyone’s guess. The back half however, appears to have been reduced to dust.

After the smash, you can hear the person behind the dashcam say ‘Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t is right, it just goes to show how powerful those trains really are.

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