WATCH: White Woman Sews Corn Into Braids For ‘Cornrows’

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We live in a world where cultural appropriation of hairstyles is a huge point of contention. When Kim Kardashian got Cornrows, the internet exploded with allegations of her stealing another ethnic group culture.

However, this girl is not Kim K. But a video of her sewing actual sweet corn into her Cornrows has amassed 2 million views online. The video shows two black people reacting to the state of the white girl’s hair.

The video is nearly an hour long with no sound. The person who posted this may be re-posting from a different source because the girl speaks, and it cannot be heard in this version of the video. Furthermore, It goes through the full process of the girl parting her hair into the tight braids. Next, she pulls out a bag of corn and some thread.

How would you react to this? Is the corn just silly or is it offensive?

While she begins to sew in the corn and models it, you don’t need the sound to see how the couple reacting. The gentleman switches from sunglasses to actual glasses to better see what is unfolding. He also walks away, and they both spend the video shaking their heads in disbelief.

They really do not seem impressed. In today’s culture, ‘shocking’ videos like this garner more attention. But is it right to give attention to those people that take away from a whole culture and mock it for their own personal gain? This video may have been made with silly and fun intentions. However, cultural appropriation is serious and hurts people. Perhaps people’s feelings are worth more than 2 million views on a video that will be popular for a few days.

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