WATCH: Jose Angeles Brings Skateboard Parkour To The Streets Of Brussels

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The video combines awe-inspiring stunts with equally breathtaking city scapes to bring you footage that’s cool as sh*t.

Skateboard parkour blends together skateboarding (duh) with a series of acrobatic stunts and tricks , including swinging, vaulting and rolling. The movement stems from military style obstacle courses.

In this video, posted on the Youtube channel devinsupertramp, Jose Angeles takes the apparently physics-defying sport to the streets of Brussels.

It seems like Angeles, who has a modest Instagram following of 8, 199, is some sort of skateboard wielding wizard. Don’t start feeling too inferior though, midway through the video Angeles includes some clips of his skateboarding fails. We can’t all be perfect after all.

Watch the full video here:

That’s some pretty awesome stuff.

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