VIDEO: Butcher Swings Meat Pieces In Vegan Protesters’ Faces

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I don’t know why these vegan protesters thought it would be effective to go to a butcher shop in Kirkgate Market to protest the sale of meat. Wouldn’t it be better to instead promote healthy living rather than to peacefully protest one butcher shop?

One of the butchers that worked at the shop got tired of the protesters, who were filming the entire protest, just in case any violence occurred. The fed-up butcher proceeded to swing pieces of meat in the protesters’ faces.

Here’s what Ginette Lindstrom, vegan protester and the woman who filmed the video, had to say:

“The abuse started immediately as we had turned the corner and became visible to the butchers.

Instantly we were shouted at to “get out” and “f**k off”, along with other slurs as we remained silently walking down the shop.

I felt it was important to start recording live to capture the moment and so that people could see that we remained peacefully at all times and in case of physical assault or further verbal abuse.

The butcher physically assaulted me with the animals’ body parts. He pushed them in my face and into the faces of two others and forced it to the mouth of another, who got animal blood on her cheek.

Everyone was attacked verbally—progressing onto very violent verbal threats, we were told we were going to receive physical abuse if we did not move or stop recording and that our equipment would be smashed.

The reaction has been mixed as we expected but this post has really highlighted some extremely twisted and disturbed individuals and promoters for the agricultural industry.

We have received physical and sexual threats and a lot of abuse in general.

However, we have also received a lot of positive support especially via inbox from people who haven’t wanted to comment on the posts due to the behavior and language of those promoting and in favor of eating animals.”

I mean, what did they expect was going to happen? You can’t change someone’s mind about eating animals through peaceful protesting. You have to educate them about it. Share all the benefits of veganism and show how gratifying this major life change is. You’re not going to get anywhere by shaming the people that still eat meat.

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