Should You Really Give Up On Broadcast TV?


The number of people using streaming services to watch TV is skyrocketing. The CEO of Netflix claims that broadcast TV will be dead within 20 years, but he would say that because it works in his favour. Most people, especially the younger generation, would tell you that streaming services are absolutely the future and they’re better than broadcast TV in every way, but is that really the case? There are still a lot of people that watch TV the old fashioned way and while a lot of people assume that it’s just older people, that’s not true. There are still a lot of benefits to watching normal TV. So, which is better, broadcast TV or streaming service?


The major reason that people favour streaming services over broadcast TV is the flexibility that it offers you. You can decide when you want to watch a show rather than having to stick to the schedules. That’s a big bonus because if you only watch TV for a couple of hours in the evenings, you might not be able to see the shows that you want to. The schedule can be restrictive but if you’re using streaming services, you won’t miss out on anything.


If you want to get a subscription TV service, you’re going to be paying a pretty hefty subscription fee, especially if you want all of the extra channels like movies. However, the cost of most streaming services is less than £10 a month. Far less than you’re going to pay every month for a subscription TV service.


Suggestions are another great feature of streaming services, especially considering how much content is on there. You can spend hours trying to decide what to watch on Netflix, not knowing whether shows are any good or not. The same can be said of flicking through the channels. But with the suggestions feature, you don’t have to worry about that so much. You’ve got a list of recommended shows that you know you’ll probably like. It’s not completely foolproof but the algorithms do get it right most of the time.

Quality Of Shows

One of the big problems that people do have with streaming services is the quality of shows that you get on there. It’s true that services like Netflix make a lot of great TV shows and movies but they also produce a lot of rubbish. There’s so much on there that it’s often hard to find the good stuff amongst the mountains of bad stuff. But when it comes to broadcast TV, there is a more rigorous selection process. Just check out this list of UK Air Dates for upcoming shows and you’ll see what I mean. That doesn’t mean that you’ll always love the shows on broadcast TV but you’re far less likely to end up watching rubbish.

Too Much Choice

This doesn’t seem like it’s a downside but it actually can be. How many times have you spent ages scrolling through Netflix, only to eventually settle on a show that you’ve already watched before because you don’t want to take a risk on anything else? We all do it and it’s because there’s too much choice. There is even research to suggest that too much choice has a negative effect on our brains. When you’re watching broadcast TV, you’ve got a far more limited number of shows to choose from and it’s easier to settle on something that you like.

Relying On the Internet

It’s pretty rare that your TV goes out but your internet going down is probably an issue that you’re more familiar with. When you’re only using streaming services, you’re pretty screwed if your internet goes down or even if it just isn’t running fast enough to stream properly. You’ll be sat there shouting at the buffering logo on your screen all night instead of watching your favourite shows. Broadcast TV is far more reliable than that so if you don’t want to risk losing connection, you might be better off sticking with it for a while.


If you’re a big sports fan and you want to watch all of the games live, you’re going to struggle with streaming services. There are some streaming services that show sports but the majority of the games are still shown on broadcast TV. That doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon because there is a lot of money involved in those deals and the streaming services aren’t focused on picking up sports at the moment, so if you’re a huge sports fan, don’t give up on broadcast TV just yet.

Streaming services are great and there are a lot of benefits. Maybe one day they will be the only thing you need but for now, there are still a lot of benefits to broadcast TV.


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