Trump’s Hollywood Star Destroyed By A Pickaxe

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Trump’s name is on the Hollywood walk of fame. Or, at least, it was.

The current President of the United States stirred up a lot of controversy when he, uh.,, well, for his entire reign thus far. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone decided to symbolically portray the cultural mood towards Trump. Truly, this is an artwork.

In all honesty I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I just assumed anything bearing Trump’s name was constantly in danger of getting destroyed. To be fair, it has been vandalised with a pickaxe before by James Otis in 2016.  But we’ve got footage this time:

The man is the video has been identified as Austin Clay. He immediately handed himself to the authorities after, and his bail was set to $20,000. Jeez.

However, there’s a beautiful twist to this story. The man who previously vandalised the star in 2016, James Otis, decided to bail him out! What a legend.

Originally, Otis attempted to dig up the star so he could auction it off. He was going to give the proceeds to the women that had Trump had allegedly sexually assaulted. However it… didn’t turn out to be so easy, so he just left it at destroying the star.

Still, what beautiful solidarity between protesters.

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