Trump’s Motorcade Receives An Unsurprisingly Cold Welcome

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Trump’s recent visit to the UK has not gone unnoticed and undiscussed. It has caused a lot of controversy, and it’s safe to say his visit has not been welcomed by most Brits.

Many petitioned for Trump to not actually be allowed to enter the UK. In addition to this, people released a ‘Baby Trump’ balloon which floated throughout London. This went hand in hands with the protests, and it’s creative at the least. Definitely makes a statement.

However, the Trump hatred doesn’t end there. A certain guy decided to give the middle finger to Trump’s Motorcade as it passed by him. The young man of 28, Miguel de Silva, did not plan this, but it simply came out of instinct. He was innocently waiting for his bus as he watched the motorcade pass by, and couldn’t help but express his feelings with regards to Trump. Who can blame him?

Miguel de Silva took to Twitter to share the video of him giving Trump and his motorcade the finger, and it has now been retweeted almost 6,000 times and has reached 22,000 favourites.

What with England losing the World Cup, and Love Island nearly being over, a visit from Trump really is not what the UK needs. This guy did what we all wish we could do, to be honest. A true hero!

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