Stay Productive At Work With CBD

Increasing productivity in the workplace and making the mundane reality of office life more bearable are things that many workers seek to do. Some are choosing nootropics such as Modafinil to give them a concentration boost during the long, monotonous hours, others opt for a regular caffeine boost (whether it be fizzy drinks or coffee). The nicotine rush from cigarettes is unhealthy, but still common.  

However, a non-psychoactive component from marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) may be the best solution of all.  

CBD is one of 113 known compounds that are part of the cannabinoid family – cannabinoids are unusual chemicals which affect the endocannabinoid system, and they are mostly found in cannabis. CBD is quite different to THC, which has psychoactive properties, can cause short-term memory impairment and reduce cognition – not something that’s suitable at work!  

In contrast, you won’t get stoned from something like CBD vape oil, nor will you be adversely affected mentally or physically in any way. CBD has no addictive properties, so you won’t find yourself craving it like coffee or nicotine – cravings from those substances can be as much a psychological vice as a physical one.  

CBD advocacy has soared in recent times, with scientists finding an extraordinary number of medicinal uses for the cannabinoid, which can be used to treat people of all ages. In fact, it was the story of CBD-rich cannabis oil helping child epilepsy patients that brought the new era of medical cannabis to national headlines in the United States. This research has culminated in the Food & Drug Administration approving Epidiolex, a CBD-based treatment for those with traditionally untreatable epilepsy. It’s fair to assume that without the Schedule 1 status of cannabis and its compounds, research into the plant would have developed much faster. 

But while the science has been slow to catch up, the public has been taking matters into their own hands and are finding out the benefits of CBD for themselves. With the internet allowing anybody with a connection to share their stories to the world, the value of anecdotal reports is perhaps greater than ever. It’s essentially a form of crowdsourcing – if hundreds comment that CBD has helped them in a certain way, people are likely to be more willing to try it than if they had just heard one or two stories in favor. 

Mental health is one area where research is severely lacking. But CBD seems to be aiding people with their conditions. Some studies have found that it can help to manage different types of anxiety, and also naturally boost mood to alleviate symptoms of depression. These mood-enhancing qualities are also harnessed by people simply looking for a pick-me-up. And CBD’s balancing effect on endocannabinoid tone can also help improve wellbeing. 

It is these pick-me-up and wellbeing-boosting qualities that people are finding beneficial in the workplace. It’s easy to get bogged down, but CBD can relieve stress by combatting the stress hormone cortisol. If you feel better, it’s easier to keep the mind on the job, stay more focussed, and therefore be more productive. 

The scientific research on CBD helping in this department is limited. However, a 2004 study that looked at both CBD and THC found that in small doses (15mg), CBD helped to improve “wakefulness” in young adults. Other studies have also commented on the compound’s wakefulness-promoting effects. It looks as if CBD may be biphasic, in that it makes people more alert and focussed in low quantities but acts more as a sedative when administered in larger doses. 

The ability of CBD to remedy social anxiety – which was confirmed by a 2011 study that subjected patients to a public speaking test following CBD treatment – could be very useful for new employees who are shy or nervous, when it comes to sharing ideas, making presentations or even just interacting with colleagues. By the same logic, it may also make the stresses of face-to-face interviews more bearable.  

What to expect from a CBD experience  

Without trying CBD, there’s no way of fully appreciating the experience, and whether you’re taking a CBD e-liquid, CBD edibles or any other CBD product will also have an effect. With that in mind, all CBD users should expect the following.  

With a moderate dose, improvements in mood should be noticeable in either minutes or around an hour, depending on whether you’re vaping or consuming an edible. Many find that the hours seem to go more quickly when on CBD, perhaps a testament to the mood-boosting properties. If you’re at work, having time go faster is never a bad thing!  

Enhancing productivity is all the rage these days as people try to maximize the non-renewable source that is time. Of course, CBD is not going to give you discipline on its own, but it can nudge you in the right direction on the way to becoming the best version of yourself.  

Which type of CBD is best at work?  

Depending on the rules and regulations at your workplace, there may or may not be an opportunity to vape. If you can, then topping often, as you would with a cup of coffee is perhaps the best way forward. However, if this option isn’t available, then edibles or a CBD tincture may be better.  

A note: if your chosen CBD product contains terpenes, then it will have a cannabis smell since these are aroma compounds – this perhaps isn’t ideal if you need to be discreet. 


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