Shia LaBeouf Set To Make Comeback In David Ayers Film

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Before David Ayer meets again with the elves, fairies and orcs in Bright for Netflix, and Harley Quinn in Gotham City Sirens, the director is embarking on an independent film which he wrote himself, and which will be filmed this summer in Los Angeles.

Ayer’s new film, entitled Tax Collector, is a crime-thriller that is set to start filming soon in L.A. He will be shooting his new film in-between the filming of his Netflix film Bright.

LaBeouf previously starred in Ayer’s gritty 2014 WWII film Fury. The actor and director collaborating yet again can only mean good things for fans. It’s good to see Shia back in the movie spotlight, of late he’s been creating a bit of chaos with his political rants and subsequent arrests. The actor has been involved with a number of anti-Trump protests and consistently speaks out against the U.S. President.


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Whether or not you agree with LaBeouf’s political views, any appreciator of great acting can respect his career accomplishments. It’s a bit crazy to see him become unhinged like he has, and I believe him getting back to work will (hopefully) keep him out of legal trouble. My first impression of Shia was when he co-starred with Megan Fox in Transformers. His character was one that I originally assumed mirrored his real-life personality, but now I see that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tax Collector isn’t Shia’s only upcoming film. He will be playing his own heroin-addicted father in his new film HoneyBoy.

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