WATCH: Silent Passengers Feud Over Bus Window

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You know you’re petty when you refuse to have an argument and just passive-aggressively open and close a bus window.

These two people were filmed having an all-out silent feud on their bus journey. This clip, filmed on a bus in Nizhy Novgorod, Russia gives a glimpse of everyday interaction there. The man is simply opening the window and the woman in front closes it every time. Furthermore, neither person can be seen explaining why they are opening or closing it.


Why is it so funny how silent they are?!

Are you team open or shut?

At one point you can see the woman holding the window shut. However, the man nudges her hand away, forcing the window open. Lasting 4 minutes, the video does not show who wins the silent argument.

Although, it is surprising that the two don’t talk to one another or try and reach a compromise. It is very silly, and we wonder if they even know their altercation has gone viral.

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