WATCH: Guy High On Spice Got Even Higher Up A 45ft Lamp Post

This Lamp Gets Rescued From a Lamp

Imagine this. You’re having a casual stroll down the street in your local area and you look up to see a half naked bloke clinging to the top of a 45 ft tall lamp post waving his arms like a crazy person.

Those were the exact scenes that met onlookers in Handsworth Park, Birmingham at around at 9.50pm last Saturday night. Have a look at the video recorded my some witnesses here:

Two fire crews were called to Grove Lane near Holly Road, Handsworth, and used a special hydraulic platform and a 44 ft ladder to reach the unidentified man and bring him down. Eyewitness Raj Rattu from the area saw the man prior to his crazy ascent and said this:

“I noticed a young man by himself acting weird on the side of the road near the lamp post. He had his top off and was waving his arms around and dancing like he was at a music festival. As I drove past him he was pushing against the lamppost and it looked like he was getting ready to climb it.”

Photo: Handsworth Fire Service

How did he get up there?

Nobody could confirm exactly how the man scaled the lamp post, as no one witnessed him in the act. Authorities believe that the man was under the influence of an illegal high known as ‘Spice’. A spokeswoman from the West Midlands Police said:

“Police were called to Holly Road in Handsworth just before 10pm on Saturday following concerns for a man who had climbed a lamppost. Following attendance from all emergency services, the man was removed by the fire service after about an hour and taken to hospital to be checked over.”

The guy was clearly out of his tiny mind on something. As the firefighters attempted the rescue he kicked out at the ladder several times before he allowed them to assist him.

Tell us what you think of this moron in the comments below. Here’s some more drug related news.

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