VIDEO: Primitive Technology Equals Coolest Architecture

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In this fascinating video, two brothers use the most primitive of tools to build the coolest structure.

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Using their hands, wooden sticks, and wicker baskets, these brothers spent weeks building a swimming pool surrounding an underground house. The house and its encircling pool were constructed using dirt and bricks of mud. They even assembled a walking bridge solely from sticks to get from land to pool!


This is quite the sight to see. Both functional and works of art, the pool and its mini house are products of talented carpenter-architects.

Honestly the most excruciating part of that entire ordeal must have been filling up the pool. We can’t imagine how many jugs of water that took to do. Oh yeah, and don’t forget all of the snakes and mosquitoes that dirty and stagnate water is going to attract. Have fun, boys!

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