Marijuana Might Be Categorized As An Addictive Drug Due To Higher Strains

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Yay, marijuana’s being legalized all over the United States. We like that. But what we don’t like is addiction. And some doctors are worried that an addiction may arise from higher strains.

Now, don’t get mad. I know. There’s no such thing as marijuana addiction. Even if you were to think that, then the pros of usage, such as de-stressing and the treatment of several diseases, definitely outweigh the cons. So being addicted might not be so bad.

Recent reports said that marijuana might be promoted to the category of addictive drug, thanks to a higher strain (no pun intended) floating around California’s markets. I still wouldn’t put it up there with cocaine and heroin but it looks like it’s climbing the ladder.

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Dr. David Smith has a valid reason for believing that there should be more of an awareness to marijuana usage and what we are actually putting into our bodies. He claims that marijuana today has a staggering average THC content of 20%, whereas back in the day, it only had 2%-4%. Here’s what Dr. Smith had to say:

“There should be no controversy about the existence of marijuana addiction. We see it every day. The controversy should be why it appears to be affecting more people.

Back in the day when kids were sitting around smoking a joint, the THC levels found in marijuana averaged from 2 to 4 percent.

That’s what most parents think is going on today. And that’s why society thinks marijuana is harmless.

But today’s weed has up an average of 20% of THC as the ‘active ingredient'”.

Anyway, readers know best. You do the research and see how you feel about it. But if you want the work done for you, here’s this guy’s Brain Tumor Disappearing After Smoking Marijuana!

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