7 Digital Skills That Could Make You More Employable

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Standing out in today’s crowded job market isn’t easy. One way that you could make your CV stand out is by learning a digital skill. In the future, digital skills are thought to be vital – we’re becoming more reliant on computers every day. Jobs that use digital skills can often be well paid and they’re in high demand meaning that you won’t struggle to find vacancies. Here are just seven digital skills that employers are eager for – learning one of these skills could be what you need to kickstart your career.

Web programming

Now that the likes of WordPress exist, pretty much anyone can create a website for free with zero coding knowledge. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a demand for people who can still programme a website from scratch. Successful companies are straying away from WordPress due to its generic template-y feel and are hiring web programmers to design bespoke websites with a more original feel. Websites are thought to become flashier in the future, which means hiring more programmer to meet the high specs that customers want. Teams of programmers may also be needed to maintain major websites. On top of this, internet security is a growing concern as major ransomware attacks are becoming more common – programmers will be needed to improve the security of sites and prevent cyberattacks.

There are plenty of courses in web programming that you can take including degrees and short-courses. Alternatively, there are tools online such as Codecademy that can help you to learn the ropes. JavaScript is the most popular and useful web programming language to learn – you may want to first familiarise yourself with HTML to get a feel for coding. An interest in problem-solving is vital for getting to grips with a programming language.

Once you have the skills you can start to look for vacancies. Extra experience can help you to secure a job – this could involve doing a little bit of freelancing or working on a personal project with some fellow programmers. Look out for networking events such as Hackathons and programming job fairs and talk to fellow techies online by joining forums and social media groups.

Software/app development

People are also needed to programme software. This includes apps, for which there is a growing demand. Software and apps are becoming more powerful and greater teams of programmers are being hired to develop and maintain these programmes. You could be helping to build anything from a business programme to a fitness app to a video game to a CGI movie.

The type of language you learn depends on your specialism – HTML5 and Objective-C are the main app-building languages, whilst Java and Python are the main software programming languages. There are many courses that you can take to learn these skills, or like web programming you can learn this skill online. Software development isn’t all about the hard skills and its worth looking into the top soft skills for software developers so that you work on building these attributes. For example, being a good communicator and being able to meet deadlines in vital.

As with web programming, attending networking events and doing your own freelance projects can all help to boost your employability and help you get into those higher roles. The salary of a software development manager can be huge and there are many opportunities to climb up the ladder.


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