Hottest Sneaker Trends For 2018

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Sneakers have been around since the early 19th century. Yes, that long ago, and they were patterned after some of the first massed produced rubber soled shoes that came out of the Industrial Revolution.  

These English rubber sole shoes emerged in 1862 and were referred to in the day as “sneaks.” The term was associated with people who were up to no good or simply wanted to wander around in a quiet manner, and their rubber soled shoes allowed them to do just that.  

Now that you’ve had a mini history lesson on sneakers, you are probably saying to yourself, on with the show, as you are anxiously awaiting a report of some kind on the hottest sneaker trends up to now. You just might want to wander around in your sneakers as much as the sneaks did, so here are a few examples of the latest trends for 2018.  

Sneaker Trends for 2018 

White, Pastels, Metallics and Thick Soles 

As far as trends are concerned, it looks as though white is still the color to go with, though muted tones, like pink, other pastels and metallics are in the lineup, and there are always patches of color that are added to white sneakers to give them a pop of color effect. One significant difference from previous sneakers is exaggerated soles. They are molded and enlarged to the point that the whole shoe is heftier. Other shoe details are minimal as all eyes seem to go to the sole, but patterned and colored shoestrings and some fabric frills are often included.  

Fashion versus Sports 

Fashion looks and lifestyles in 2018 appear to outweigh the indulgence in sports and performing activities. Even in fashion circles, 2018 sneaker aficionados want classic styles and traditional colors, such as the old standby white, along with blue and red. Metallic trim graces the ever popular, enduring Originals Superstar sneaker, one that was once a basketball shoe from the 70s, which has been a standby for sneakers for some time, as it is both a fashion savvy shoe with a bouncy sole, plus a shoe that a sports enthusiast would likely choose as an overall sports sneaker. It is definitely a collector’s piece icon and will always be included within any trend.  

90’s Yearning Influence  

The past has continued to influence current sneaker trends and the 1990s have left their mark. Fast forwarding to 2018, sneaker brands have reflected the 90s training upper contour with stocky, solid and superior gel cushioning, which are accessorized with whimsical color and playful neon touches, though other looks are available in muted colors, like gunsmoke and traditional grey. The influence of a 90s running shoe has now gone to everyday and anytime use, as opposed to a shoe that was once specifically pigeonholed as a running and jogging shoe.  

Almost Hideous Sneakers (Ugly) 

The 21st century is ushering in ugly fashion and drawing from the past in clunky, dirty and unkempt finishes. Luxury and couture lines have adopted this grungy kind of look of the past from pop culture and years gone by. You’ll see thick, bouncy soles with a high tongue fit and there will likely be noticeable faux suede and leather panels on the upper part of the shoe. More vibrant citrus and neon colors are defining the appearance of rubber soles, as a spray painted look predominates. You can call these designer inspired shoes, ugly, but the retail prices certainly don’t reflect that thought.  

Females Influence 

One strong 2018 sneaker trend is the influence that women have on the sneaker market, which has precipitated a sneaker mania. Females are driving and asserting their wishes to their favorite sneaker brand developers. They want their influence felt and a real market push moved forward to envision newer and better sneakers and updated styles. Unisex, urban, punk and retro looks, plus celebrity input, have had the biggest influence on the hottest sneaker trends of today.   

One influence, pop star, Rihanna, has developed an over the top suede cleated creeper sneaker, fashioned after the original Puma suede sneakers. This sports fashion sneaker has gained a steady stream of sneakerheads (followers), and other sports shoe lines are adopting this trendy low-top, leisure sneaker look. A rigid rubber, extra tall cleated platform, and a rubber outsole defines the shoe, along with a rounded toe, suede upper, lace up front, and traditional Puma formstripe branding, which are all brought together to complete this high end sneaker look.  

The sneaks of the 1800s would be happy to know that their favorite wandering around, up to no good shoes evolved beyond their imaginations. Today’s hottest trends would likely not surprise them though, as even they knew that quiet cushioned comfort was part of a trend in the making. Sneaker shoe fashions continue to evolve, expand and move forward, and brand designers and developers will laboriously modify, reinvent and draw from the past with every sneaker they design and manufacture. Twenty eighteen will come and go, and the sneaker will make its push ever forward. 

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