VIDEO: Big Shaq Finally Takes Off His Jacket

Photo: Isabel Infantes

Guess the man was pretty hot all along

Big Shaq has released his new video for ‘Man Don’t Dance’ and it looks as though that jacket was finally too hot to keep on. You can’t really blame him, it is summer after all and it was probably getting pretty sweaty in that down insulated puffer jacket.

The new video sees Shaq chilling in a café with some friends when he decides to remove the famous puffer to impress a female friend. After she calls him out on wearing the jacket for the last 3 years Shaq remarks,

“You know what? That was last year’s ting” the stage is set for Shaq to dramatically remove the jacket. Up until this point it was anyone’s guess as to what attire might be revealed underneath. I was kinda hoping he’d be wearing an egg stained string vest under there or a hello kitty t-shirt.

Check out Big Shaq’s new video for ‘Man Don’t Dance’ here.

The rise of  Big Shaq

Big Shaq, real name Michael Dapaah, 26, from London is an actor, comedian and musician who’s rise to prominence came off the back of last year’s comedic rap ‘Man’s Not Hot’. Following an appearance on Charlie Sloth’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show the track went viral and got a studio release in September last year.

‘Man’s Not Hot’ charted at number 3 on the UK official chart. Big Shaq was recently nominated for NME ‘Hero of The Year’ for 2018 but lost out to Ariana Grande.

In an interview with NME, Shaq expressed his interest in a collaboration with Noel Gallagher after discovering that that the former Oasis man was a fan.

“Noel Gallagher, he’s a legend,” Shaq told NME. “One legend’s approval of what you’re doing is nice – but you know, let’s wait and see what’s going to happen.”

Loving Big Shaq’s new tune? Let us know below. While you’re here you should check this out…..just a suggestion, no pressure……

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