Home Exterior Decorated With Nothing But Foster’s Cans

Usually when you’re looking to renovate your home, you’ll add a nice car park or perhaps a guest room. There are not too many people, however, who would choose to revamp their home with empty Foster’s cans.

For those that don’t know, Foster’s Lager is a beer brand that originated in Australia. Phillip Muspratt of Hartlepool must be one big Foster’s fan because he decorated the entire exterior of his home with the cans. In 2005, Muspratt began his artistic installation. Since then, over 75,000 cans have been added to the outside of the house making for quite the Art Deco look. Muspratt has even constructed a BBQ space and water component with the cans.

Regrettably, Muspratt passed away in 2015 and was never able to finish his Foster’s project. And what’s worse, his family is now being forced out of the home by the city council. The council has marked the area for demolition and renovation. Every family in that particular zone has been rehoused besides the Muspratts. Understandably, they have refused to leave the treasured house and Phillip’s decade-old masterpiece.

The city council even tried to make monetary offers to the Muspratts, but the family would not accept. Eventually, the family was taken to court, and the council was forced to acquire an eviction notice.

While it is a sad outcome – and while perhaps the house deserves to stay standing – every other home in the area has already been torn down. It was only a matter of time before the wonderful Foster’s house had to come down as well.

Enjoy these pictures below of one of the most meticulous and unique homes in all of Hartlepool!

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