How Vegans Will Benefit From Race To Find A New Pigment

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Nine years ago, in a lab at Oregon State University, chemists accidentally discovered the first new blue pigment in 200 years. Here is why the work they are doing now might be a relief for Vegans.

While testing the properties of Magnesium Oxide, the scientists mixed together Yttrium, Indium and Manganese and placed them in a furnace. Mas Subramanian noticed the brilliant blue colour they had concocted. This blue pigment is safe, unlike other pigments. For instance, Cobalt blue has carcinogenic properties, and Prussian blue sometimes releases cyanide. However, “YInMn” (named after the elements it is made after) is safe to make, is more durable and stable. Subramanian has said it even “won’t fade after a week in an acid bath.”

The pigment is now being manufactured into the latest Crayola crayonxaqcytqtusfwvrcewtxsewsfbsd. They are also launching a competition in which you can name the new blue, so it will not be YInMn forever.

So, what pigment is next?

Well, the team at Oregon State is working on making a brilliant red. Through testing, they have managed to develop many colours including an orange, green and purple. Furthermore, developing a new, safe red pigment will be amazing for vegans. Often, products that are dyed red are done so with the pigment derived from crushed cochineal beetles. Making those products ethically non-vegan.

In finding a new pigment, it will revolutionise the fashion, food and technology industries. Especially as it will be marketed as an entirely safe, un-synthesised red. Vegans around the globe will be able to indulge in more products than ever. However, this process is not without its problems. It has taken the last nine years for YInMn to be approved and ready to hit the marketing shelves. Although Mas claims to be near the jackpot with a bright red. We could be looking at a ten-year wait for this ethically superior dye.

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