Man Burns Down His Home Trying To Kill A Spider

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Many people in the world are frightened by spiders, or even have a fear of them. They come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t the cutest of creatures. However a man in Arizona took his hatred to a new level and has faced some pretty bad consequences.

The man, who has been unnamed, located a spider infestation below his mobile home and quickly came to the conclusion that the only way to get rid of these eight legged insects was to set alight the lot of them with a propane gas torch. Evidently this guy needs to assess his scale of common sense because the one thing it seems he didn’t consider was that if he was blowing fire underneath his home that there may be a chance of setting the whole building on fire.

Man tries to kill spiders with blow torch - ends up burning his house down

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Little did this guy know the shit that was about to kick off. As you can imagine, yes his home did set on fire and it took a total of 23 firemen to contain the blaze. Unfortunately there wasn’t really much they could do, and after 12 minutes of battling with the house fire, they had to admit defeat.

The good news is that the man and his wife, who was inside the home when the fire erupted, escaped unharmed and I’m assuming they got rid of the spiders’s nest…along with their home. Here’s the news story in full:

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