Photographer Documents Discos From Post-Soviet To New European

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Andrew Miksys, Seattle-born to Lithuanian parents, reconnected with his roots over a ten-year project photographing the post-soviet discos of Lithuania. 

One night exploring his ancestor’s country, Miksys stumbled upon an old night club. He fell in love with it instantly – the atmosphere, the attitudes, the slightly eerie character. Following the Soviet reign, the backdrop of his photographs are often taken in former prisons and gas-mask-filled offices. Making room for dance floors, these props are shoved to the side in the charismatic and haunting locations.

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According to Miksys, his images capture “promise and potential” – a direct contrast to the words of a lot of his Lithuanian critics. They believe his images to portray the country in a bad light, focusing too much on their dark history and too little on the development and progresses they have seen in recent years. However, Miksys is strong in the mindset that his photographs should inspire rather than discourage.

The collection of photographs total 46, depicting Lithuanian discos from their Post-Soviet republic to their new and shiny European nation.

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