WATCH: Terrifying Video Of Truck Full Of People Driving Through Waterfall

Image Via Laughing Squid

A truck full of tourists drives through a next to a waterfall in Nepal mountains with a 1000FT drop.

A driver expertly navigated a truck full of tourists in Nepal through a huge waterfall, that had a 1000ft drop. There were no adequate barriers and even if there were before they were probably knocked off from other cars going down that slope.

It was the famous Besisahar-Chame road in the Manang District of Nepal. This road whilst gorgeous is also one of the most dangerous in the world. It sits high in the mountains and during the rainy season is surrounded by giant waterfalls that over the roadway.

The video makes it look like you’re on a ride at Disney land or even a log flume but to be honest with you I would probably stick to the rides.

Check out the video below:


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