Being Better Informed As A Drinker Will Benefit You Big Time

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The world of drinks and drinking is changing all the time. The gin revolution has sparked what seems like a million new flavours of gin, and there are new vodkas being sourced from pretty much anything, including milk. The drinking scene has never been more interesting and more difficult to understand. There are lots of things going on and lots of ways to assess them. And there are even certain ways in which you can save yourself money, time and embarrassment by improving your knowledge.

You also need to think about how what you drink impacts your health. We’re going to look at some of the news and trends that are currently developing, as well as some of the things you should know if you want to become an informed drinker. It’ll help you in so many ways, so it’s worth dedicating some time and effort to all this. Read on to find out lots more about all of this. It could be one of the best decisions you make all year.

Aroma Matters as Much as Anything Else

Whether you’re drinking whiskey or wine, you need to get the most out of their flavour and that’s only possible if you think about the aroma as much as the taste. These two things are more closely linked than most people know, but if you want to get the most out of each drinking experience, you need to know how to enjoy the aroma. Smell the drink and give your nose time to get used to it. And then keep your mouth slightly open as you drink to taste those aromas fully.

You Need to Know When to Send the Wine Back

There are two main faults that you can experience with wine in a restaurant. When the waiter offers you a taste of the wine before pouring the rest of it, they’re allowing you to see if those faults are present before you go any further. The first problem is corking; this is when the cork breaks and disintegrates into the wine. If it has a damp cardboard kind of smell, it might be corked. The other common problem is oxidation, which is when the wine is exposed to too much oxygen while in the bottle. Essentially, it’s a storage fault, and you’ll notice a vinegar flavour if it has been oxidised.

The Type of Wine You Choose Matters More Than the Price Tag

We’ve all been there looking at the wine list in a fancy restaurant and then decide to order the one that seems the right kind of price rather than the one that has the right taste and flavours. It’s a rookie mistake, but by expanding your knowledge and understanding your own taste in wine, you’ll be able to save money by choosing the type of wine you know you like, rather than the one that seems the right kind of price. Remember, when it comes to wine, price doesn’t necessarily dictate quality. And it certainly won’t dictate whether an individual enjoys it or not.

Prosecco on Tap Can’t Legally be Sold as ‘Prosecco’

If you want prosecco in a bar, you’re going to have to get in from a bottle because it’s no longer legal for vendors to sell prosecco on tap. It’s an interesting development, but a little extra knowledge might be able to prevent you having to miss out on prosecco on tap. Not many casual drinkers know it, but something similar is now being sold on tap to replace prosecco. There are products that imitate the prosecco taste but they’re not from the same Glera grapes, allowing these drinks to be sold legally on top.

The Quality of Drinking Water is Variable in Different Areas

It’s not just alcohol that you need to understand more about when it comes to how and what you drink. One major problem that’s affecting the world, and not just the developing world, is the difference between places with good tap water and those with poor-quality tap water. You should do some research and find out what the quality is like in your area. Michigan has become famous for having dirty and disgusting tap water, and it’s not the only place with water that you shouldn’t drink.

Understanding Units is Essential for Safety

Different drinks contain different units of alcohol. There are some drinks that you can consume more of without adding too many units into your system. That can be useful knowledge to have when you’re out and you want to drink with friends but don’t want to feel hungover when you get out of bed to go to work in the morning. You need to have as strong an understanding of how units work as possible if you’re going to remain safe when you drink. It’s one form of knowledge that you don’t want to be without.

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Don’t Forget About Calories

People so often forget that calories aren’t confined to the kebab you eat at the end of the night; they’re also very much present in the drinks you consume throughout the night. It’s worth learning more about which drinks are most calorific and which ones you can drink more of without having to worry about gaining weight. Cocktails and beers tend to be quite high in calories. Things like gin & tonics and rum tend to be lowest in calories, so keep that in mind next time you’re at the bar preparing to order.

The More You Know, the More You Can Impress People

When all is said done, drinking is usually a social thing, and that means you want to impress other people with your knowledge of drinks each time you’re out with them. If you can describe the hoppiness and body of a beer better than anyone else or display your understanding of various wines, you’re bound to win people over. On a date, this can be especially important, so don’t underestimate how useful a deeper and fuller understanding of drinks can be to you. Keep building on your knowledge and you’ll never fail to impress.

Now you know more about what’s happening in the world of drinks and what you should understand going forward, you can make changes to how you drink. Whether it’s all about impressing that certain someone on a date or simply taking steps to improve your health on a day to day basis, this information should serve you well in so many ways.


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