Shia LeBeouf Cast In Movie About Himself, How Classic

In what might be the most unsurprising moving casting ever, Shia LeBeouf will be starring in a movie about himself. Classic, right?

Many know the celeb as a bit of a weirdo. When he’s not making blockbuster hits like Transformers, one can find LeBeouf doing any number of other strange projects. No wonder someone wanted to make a movie about him!

A movie about Shia LeBeouf with Shia LeBeouf in it is the most Shia LeBeouf thing ever. Did you follow?

Interestingly, the actor won’t be playing himself. Plot twist! Instead, he will take on the role of his father – a rule-breaking alcoholic. The movie is named Honey Boy after LeBeouf’s childhood nickname. The storyline reveals LeBeouf and his father’s broken relationship and how the two attempt to mend it over a decade. Deep stuff.

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Credit: Popsugar

The director undertaking this project is Alma Har’el. The film will be her first feature-length. With Honey Boy, Har’el is finally breaking through the monotony of music videos, shorts, and documentaries with which she started her career.

We wonder if LeBeouf will get much say in the script or production? The movie is about his life after all. The project does not have a release date yet, but be on the lookout for it sometime next year.

Want to be paid to hang out with the actor? LeBeouf is now casting extras for another one of his movie projects!

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