WATCH: Michael McIntyre Surprises Andy Murray In His Bed With Celebrity Guests

Feature image credit BBC

We all know those famous gameshows such as Saturday Night Takeaway and Wheel of Fortune – but who knew that a half-naked Andy Murray drowsily answering midnight questions would be just as entertaining?

Andy Murray is a household name, where the man in question is loved by almost everyone for his tennis fame and down-to-earth nature. Since when he became the perfect candidate for this topless last-minute gameshow we don’t know. Yanked from his sleep by a very enthusiastic Michael McIntyre with his whole TV crew in suit – not forgetting a handful of celebrity guests – Murray was playfully coerced into partaking in a bunch of games and challenges relating to his much-loved sport.

You can tell from the thumbnail alone that Andy Murray’s grimace is one of pure euphoria – which only gets better as he stumbles through random questions surrounded by strangers and admired friends alike.

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